Very true, Elisabetta Gregoraci confesses to Flavio Briatore


Interviewed by Silvia Toffanin, Elisabetta Gregoraci spoke for the first time about the separation with Flavio Briatore

Silvia Toffanin is ready to return to the small screen with the new season of Verissimo. Among the first guests on Saturday afternoon of Canale 5 Elisabetta Gregoraci, who in a long interview reassured her ex-husband Flavio Briatore's health conditions.

The entrepreneur was admitted to the San Raffaele hospital in Milan after discovering that he was positive for Coronavirus. “He gave us a big scare but now he's fine. He contracted the virus but luckily there were no complications and he had no respiratory problems ”, Gregoraci confessed to the host.

Furthermore, on the talk show microphones, the showgirl decided to break the silence and speak for the first time about the separation with Briatore: “I suffered a lot. In our relationship the biggest mistakes were made by him, when he realized it was too late. I have been a great life partner, canceling myself too ".

“Although the marriage ended three years ago – continued Gregoraci – there is always a great affection. I am always present in his life because we have been in love for thirteen years. He knows he can always count on me ”.

Their love story ended a few years ago, but Flavio and Elisabetta have remained united for the love of Nathan Falco. They live close together and are often together to ensure peace of mind for their child.

A serene relationship built over the years, which has led the showgirl to defend her ex-husband on more than one occasion, such as the wave of hate comments after the statements on the decision to close the clubs: "I often scold him. I'm always by his side, but I don't always agree with what he says. Sometimes it should be silent but people cannot be changed ”.

And speaking of an alleged flashback he declares: “I'm not going back with him. I only had one story immediately after Flavio but it ended badly. I find it hard to fall in love again. I am an independent woman and I can also scare, but I still believe in love ".

But now Elisabetta Gregoraci is focused on her next television project. After the success of Battiti Live, she is ready to cross the red door of the Big Brother Vip house: “I'm agitated, I haven't slept for days but I'm happy to start this new adventure. Flavio is not happy with this decision, we talked about it, but I explained to him that I wanted to have this experience ”.

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci to Verissimo – Source: Press Office

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