Very true, Fiordaliso and the memory of his mother: "Life has broken me in two"


Fiordaliso told "Verissimo" the excruciating pain of the loss of his mother Carla, to whom he was very attached

An artist with a unique voice, who made the history of Italian music: Fiordaliso was among the guests of Verissimo, in Silvia Toffanin's living room.

The singer in addition to retracing the successes of forty years of career, spoke of her mother Carla, who passed away in March due to Covid:

I always thought I was a strong woman, since I was 15 I have taken my life in hand, I have had obstacles, like everyone else. This year, however, my life has broken in two. One thing out of my mind: I suffered what so many Italians have suffered, Covid.

The woman was 85 years old: although aware of her mother's age, the loss was very painful for Fiordaliso, who was unable to give his mother a last farewell. In fact, once hospitalized, the woman never left the hospital:

For fifteen days I have not seen her again. We were always in contact with the hospital. What my mother endured is one of the worst things there can be. Loneliness and perhaps thinking that you have been abandoned. I don't know in his head what he may have thought.

Fiordaliso recounted a very touching episode: during her last phone call with her mother she only managed to tell her, in a whisper, that she was leaving: "It's something that I can't metabolize, that I can't send down". Then the quick funeral, only with the brothers and the father, to give her a last farewell:

You know I gladly talk about it because she would just be happy that I'm talking about it to all of Italy. Now all her friends are seeing her on TV, she was a beautiful, funny woman and finally I celebrate her by talking about it to everyone.

Fiordaliso, in tears, revealed to Toffanin a coincidence that she interpreted as a signal, a last gift from her mother: the day of the interview in fact fell on the day the woman turned her birthday. Then the singer also spoke about the relationship with her father Auro, whom the family affectionately call "the alien": "He is very active, he is on social media, he has the most modern phone of mine".

Obviously he also confessed the moment in which they informed him of the disappearance of his wife: “He was hospitalized, we told him when he came home. In my opinion he expected it, he keeps everything inside, he is a warrior, he is a strong one, who fights: it is he who is my caregiver! ". Finally, the happy parenthesis of her experience as a grandmother, with her granddaughter Rebecca Luna:

She is important to me, it is as if she were a daughter, but I am only entertaining her. After all, I'm a rock grandmother, I'm a bit strange grandmother!

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