Very true, Francesca Michielin, the bond with Fedez and love: "I'm happy"

Francesca Michielin

Francesca Michielin, guest of "Verissimo", told of her friendship with Fedez and let herself go to a confession about love

A young artist but with a career full of successes: Francesca Michielin, guest of Verissimo, talked about herself in the round, talking about her career, her relationship with her parents, her bond with Fedez. And she also indulged in a confession about her love life.

The singer, fresh from the success of the Sanremo Festival, retraced the most important stages of her career. But if on the one hand her career has given her great satisfaction, on the other it has taken away that lightheartedness typical of adolescents:

I practically grew up with my music: when I won X Factor I was still in the third grade and therefore I grew up hand in hand with my career path. (…) Starting so young you always have to be super professional in everything and you are allowed little to make mistakes. Even if you are young it is as if the world does not forgive you and everyone expects you to be 100% mature, but we are always evolving, at any age. It was hard to get big in such a short time already.

Francesca has dedicated her life to music, despite having lost those moments of lightness typical of her youth: going out with friends, birthday parties, high school trips. But today she is happy with her choices, also thanks to her family, which has always supported and supported her:

They never forced us to do anything, but they never put us on a pedestal either. But they always told us: "If you want to do this thing, do it seriously, work hard and cultivate your dreams". I was very lucky.

The singer's mother and father passed on important values ​​to her, such as respect for the environment and love for others. In fact, on the first evening of the Sanremo Festival, Michielin decided to cut her hair to donate it to an association for women who have lost it due to cancer.

It was her father who brought her closer to the world of volunteering: “It's a way to feel part of the community in a deeper way,” she said. However, the young woman also spoke about her experience on the Ariston stage:

It was a privilege to bring a beautiful message to the stage and it was appreciated. The white ribbon was a way to represent the historical moment we are living: even if we are all distant, in reality we are also united by the music.

Accompanying her to the event was Fedez: the rapper, who excited her with a video message, binds her a strong and intense friendship, set in music and words also from the song they sang together in Sanremo. And the reference to the birth of the second daughter Vittoria could not be missing: "I feel a little like an aunt, I really lived her as if she were my niece". Finally Michielin indulged in a confession about her private life:

At this moment there is a work in progress. And I am very happy in this moment of my life.

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