Very true, Gerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker: “Our friendship? True and sincere "

Very true, Gerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker: “Our friendship? True and sincere "

Gerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker, guests at Verissimo, talk about their wonderful friendship: true, sincere and unique.

Guests at Verissimo in Silvia Toffanin's living room, Gerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker talked about their friendship, defining it as true and sincere. A bond that has lasted for almost thirty years, since they met in 1994: from Miss Buona Domenica to Moda Mare Portofino, we have come a long way.

Their friendship transpires immediately, from the ways and gestures, now almost in sync, of those who have known each other for some time. Michelle Hunziker herself speaks of "crossed destinies" and, moreover, encourages Scotti's career: "He must do Sanremo, with his musical culture." The passion for music is shared by both. Also, Michelle refers to Scotti as "My Big Brother". Scotti, who is an only child, reveals that he has found a sister in Michelle, a deep bond that will never be broken.

The sparkling couple Scotti-Hunziker will return to Striscia la Notizia for the sixth consecutive year: a milestone achieved thanks to working synergy. But also to shared emotions, after all: Michelle is moved when Toffanin shows the video of how they met.

"It is a luxury to have such a friendship, which gives you the opportunity to thank every day for having a partner with whom you have fun." Gerry Scotti, for his part, spares no effort in spreading positive comments on Michelle, on the contrary, he enhances her quality, great self-irony and above all strength.

“Michelle, over the years, has focused on all her peculiarities, all the things she knew how to do and perfected them. She has never been ashamed, with a good dose of self-irony, and is capable of making fun of herself, in a more light-hearted way. " Very important words, of esteem and trust.

Regarding the return to Strip, Gerry says that all anti-covid rules have been applied: technicians, assistants, editorial and production follow the safety distance, wear masks and regularly swabs. "It still remains a light and pleasant job, even if there is no physical contact."

Gerry Scotti was also greeted by a dear friend of his, the actress Maria Amelia Monti, with whom he shared years on the set of "Finally alone". In the recorded massage, Maria Amelia told him: "I wish everyone to find a friend like you." The celebration of two beautiful and positive friendships in the entertainment world.

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