Very true, Gerry Scotti talks about his hospital experience and the thrill of becoming a grandfather

gerry scotti

Gerry Scotti, guest at "Verissimo", retraces his experience in hospital

A new appointment with Verissimo is back, the Saturday afternoon talk show hosted by Silvia Toffanin. Among the many guests present in the studio, there is also Gerry Scotti: the presenter is back from an experience that touched him deeply, and is preparing to face a very different Christmas than usual.

Gerry Scotti, who has recently completed his annual commitment as a judge of Tu Si Que Vales, returns to Verissimo's sitting room and tells what he has experienced in recent weeks. Positive result at Covid-19, at first the conductor did not have particularly severe symptoms and remained at home in quarantine. But in the days to come, his condition worsened and he was hospitalized. Coming a step away from intensive care, he saw images that were indelibly imprinted on his mind.

This is why now, finally returning to his everyday life, Gerry Scotti does not forget all those who were hospitalized with him, those who had to face the disease and, in some cases, the desperate struggle between life and death. . “I would like to greet all the people who were hospitalized with me and whose names I don't know. I hope they are back home and are well ”- he explains to Verissimo, then retracing his experience.

In recent days he had already talked about what had happened to him, revealing in a few words the suffering he felt during hospitalization in what he, in an interview with Radio Deejay, had identified as "a small room that was halfway between the normal and the intensive, where I stayed 36 hours ". With this memory in his heart, Gerry prepares for the upcoming holidays: “I will feel the weight of Christmas for all those who are not experiencing it”.

In reality, a very happy moment is approaching for the conductor: “My Christmas has always been very homely, without great oddities. Not much will change, but this year I am waiting for my granddaughter to arrive ". Gerry Scotti is in fact about to become a grandfather for the first time, since his son Edoardo and his wife are expecting a baby girl. He had announced it a few weeks ago, still in Silvia Toffanin's sitting room, recounting the tender moment in which his son had revealed the wonderful news to him.

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