Very true, Ilaria D'Amico and the memory of her sister: "It was the base to return to"

Ilaria D'Amico

A "Verissimo" Ilaria D'Amico recalled her beloved sister Catia, who died prematurely due to a tumor

Guest of Silvia Toffanin's living room, Ilaria D'Amico spoke to Verissimo about the break from the small screen and the farewell to her beloved sister Catia, who died prematurely due to bowel cancer.

A long career, that of D'Amico, full of satisfactions, of challenges won and great successes. A few months ago the journalist had decided to take a break from TV, an unexpected announcement after her path studded with the results obtained over the years:

I closed a long career chapter, I lived 23 years of sports journalism and I made all possible experiences and in the best places to do them. I learned the trade in Rai with important masters, I made Champions, and then the great adventure on Sky: with colleagues we made a revolution. It was my comfort zone, I could have continued another twenty years but I had no challenges to relaunch.

2020 for Ilaria D'Amico was a year of great changes, it marked the farewell to TV but also represented a moment of excruciating pain. In fact, the journalist lost her beloved sister Catia, which is why she wanted to devote herself to her family and take time to enjoy the affection of her loved ones:

I can't talk much about Catia, because I have an emotion that comes immediately, my breath breaks immediately. It is very complicated – she said through tears – but I am grateful to have dedicated this time to my family, my mother and my niece Alessandra, absolute pride for us.

Catia, Ilaria's sister, has in fact left a 25-year-old daughter, who today represents the joy of the family today. A terrible loss for D'Amico, who considered her older sister as her point of reference: "She was the base to return to, the person who is there for you".

We lived a life together in our differences, and then we lived the last part of the journey traveled together, attacked, exchanging strengths each other.

Ilaria in fact had to bear the weight of the truth about the disease, supporting it and leaving her calm to face her path of fight against cancer. Then he informed the rest of the family of his condition, to give Catia strength and hope to accompany her to the end:

Life has given us in this terrible situation in which I would have given parts of me without even thinking about it, the fact of facing this path all united and above all the disease has led Catia to fall asleep slowly, without pain therapy.

A sort of reward, as D'Amico defined it, for a good, generous woman, a great fighter in the face of disease. As well as the mother, "a lioness", who has always taken care of them, without ever complaining: "Only such a thing could bend her", she revealed in tears.

My niece is our joy, a source of positivity. I believe that communion always remains, I feel its physical lack, not the other one.

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