Very true, Jasmine Carrisi on dad Al Bano: "The exposure made me suffer"

Verissimo, Jasmine Carrisi su papà Al Bano: “L’esposizione mi ha fatto soffrire”

Guest of Verissimo, Jasmine Carrisi talked about her career in the world of music and her relationship with Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso

Guest of Verissimo's living room, Jasmine Carrisi talked about herself in the round, talking about her career in the world of music and television and her relationship with father Al Bano and mother Loredana Lecciso.

During the interview with Silvia Toffanin, the young singer did not hide the fact that these days of celebration were an opportunity "to rediscover that sense of family, family and union", even if she admitted she missed the evenings of dancing and having fun .

Jasmine during the chat could not help but talk about the relationship with her parents:

They are very quiet parents, even though my mother is very anxious. I know he does it because he loves me, but relax! They are very good, they always push us to do more, they are modern parents.

Then the landlady wanted to show the young Carrisi a video of Al Bano, who dedicated to her sweet words full of pride:

People may not believe it, but I discovered your talents when I turned 70. You sang in English on a CD you gave me, I was speechless! You know that I live music like a growing tree, you are my creature, a wonderful trap daughter. I have nothing to do with the trap, we have different tastes and it's nice that it is. I am happy that music has given us the opportunity to work together, and I am sure that you will go far and with your steps you will get where you want.

The Cellino San Marco singer and his daughter are in fact veterans of the success of The Voice Senior, which allowed them to discover themselves in a completely new guise: "The road, like that of all artists, will not always be easy – added Al Bano – but I'm sure that with your grit and determination they will take you very far. I'm proud and proud of you "

Carrisi, visibly moved, listened to that recording made to her father when she was still a child, where she sang Nel sole, one of her father's great hits:

He always encourages me to do more, but when I strive to reach a goal he always recognizes it. He supports me in a healthy way, he is happy at heart when he sees that I have the best. Our relationship over time has grown more and more, we have a beautiful bond and I would be able to talk about everything with him because he is really modern, even if it doesn't seem like it.

Inevitable then not to mention the gossip that often involved Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso, and consequently also the children:

Now I have learned to not care, but when I was younger I suffered a lot from this exposure. The fact that the professors and my classmates read newspaper articles, knew too much about my family bothered me. Then I learned to take the positive side: entering the world of music was a stepping stone, but that doesn't rule out prejudice and negative comments.

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