Very true, Joaquìn Cortès tells about himself: the drama of his mother and love for Monica

Verissimo, Joaquìn Cortès si racconta: il dramma della madre e l’amore per Monica

The dancer Joaquìn Cortès, guest at "Verissimo", remembers his mother and the enormous pain he felt for her death

The appointment with Verissimo is renewed, the Saturday afternoon talk show hosted by Silvia Toffanin. During the episode aired on Saturday 20 March 2021, there are many guests who follow each other in the studio, talking about each other in the round between career and private life.

Among the many faces loved by the public who keep us company in this new Verissimo appointment, we find Joaquìn Cortès. Talented Spanish dancer who conquered everyone with flamenco, he also made himself known in Italy when, in 2015, he participated as a juror in Forte Forte Forte, the show hosted by Raffaella Carrà. On the microphones of Canale 5, he indulges in a long rant about what was perhaps the most difficult moment of his life, the death of his mother.

Joaquìn lost with her the pivotal figure of his life, which left him with an incredible emptiness: “When it happened I was about to give up, I felt lost, I was alone. I didn't want to see anyone, I locked myself in his room and slept in his bed for a few months. I did not eat and sleep no more ”- reveals the dancer. Then something happened that helped him get up: "One day I felt like a hug, there was no one with me but it was as if my mom was there to encourage me to go back to dancing, because that was my gift" .

From that moment on, Cortès took back her life and what has always been her greatest passion, dance: “My first woman is dance. I discovered it as a child, it was love at first sight and I continue to be in love with it like the first time ". Of course, later Joaquìn's heart began to beat faster even for what is now his partner, Monica: “We have been together for ten years and we have had two children. I was not used to such long relationships. We are not married, because when there is a true feeling there is no need for a document that formalizes the story ".

To crown their dream of love, little Romeo and Andrew. The dancer has in fact been a dad for just over a month, and is proud of his wonderful family: “I don't know if I'm a good dad, but I'm in love with my children” – admits Toffanin – “I'm very happy. When you become a father you undergo a radical change. It's incredible what you feel: I'm experiencing a crystalline and authentic love ".

Joaquin Cortes guest at Verissimo

Joaquin Cortes

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