Very true, Loredana Bertè turns 70 and remembers Mia Martini

Very true, Loredana Bertè turns 70 and remembers Mia Martini

Loredana Bertè is the protagonist of a wonderful journey into memories at Verissimo on the occasion of her 70th birthday

Loredana Bertè is at Verissimo on the eve of her birthday: the legendary queen of Italian rock turns 70 on 20 September 2020, but she doesn't show it at all.
An important milestone for one of the pillars of Italian music, yet the singer doesn't feel the need to celebrate them:

I'm not ready, I don't feel like these years. Is it the new 50, 30? And then it's Mimí's birthday! I've never celebrated them because I have to start now. We have never celebrated a birthday. It stayed with me, why do I have to celebrate it this year when I don't feel like it at all? I feel 40, 30… Then I have so many projects that it makes me angry that I don't have much time for all the projects I have. So treat me right!

The memory of her sister Mia Martini, who tragically passed away twenty-five years ago, will always remain very strong. As the presenter Silvia Toffanin also recalled, Loredana usually lights a cigarette in front of the photograph of her older sister, to talk about this and that as if she were still there.

Complicity, but also rivalry what there was between the two sisters, so much so that the two women often elbowed each other to steal the show. In this regard, Loredana recalled how she was afraid of letting Mimi hear her songs, for fear that she would record them first.

But the journey through the memories continues: Adriano Panatta wished to pay homage to his ex-girlfriend with a video clip aired at Verissimo.

I have a beautiful memory of you. On this very important day for you, I send you a big hug and remember that you are a great rock star.

Loredana and the tennis player have been in love in the past and despite their story having ended, for the singer Adriano he has remained a point of reference. On the other hand, he is the man who inspired Sei Bellissima, the symbolic song of Loredana Bertè: "He was love at first sight in the open, as soon as I saw him I said" it's mine ". We were together for a year and something, a strong and passionate love, the first practically ".

The celebrations continue, recalling the first meeting with Renato Zero, Loredana's best friend for a lifetime. The two met in the famous Piper, a historic venue in Rome, clashing like two real first women to perform on stage.

Then it's up to Andy Warhol and the Jackson Five, artists with whom Loredana has collaborated. In particular, the singer talked about Michael and his voice "on tiptoe":

They picked me up in Milan and took me to Michael's dressing room. I have a jacket that the manager gave me because I had brought gifts from Dolce and Gabbana. It's the leather jacket from the 1988 tour. When I was wearing it I had to go out with the bodyguard, they tried to steal it from me often.

The story of Loredana has been an example for many Italian artists, for this reason Verissimo could not miss the video greetings of four super women, namely those of Alessandra Amoroso, Irene Grandi, Asia Argento (with whom she shares her birthday) and Barbara Alberti, who described Loredana as an "unrivaled rebellious girl".

All that remains is to wish Loredana a new beginning and that all her future projects will be successful: Bertè will, in fact, celebrate her birthday for a whole year with various projects "that converge on these 70 years of life": after having after a restyling of her website and social channels, the singer has released the vinyl reissue of 70Bertè – Vinyl collection, which includes a logo designed by herself.

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