Very true, Lorella celebrates 30 years of marriage: special memories

Lorella Cuccarini

Lorella Cuccarini celebrates 30 years of marriage with her husband Silvio Testi and, with Silvia Toffanin, remembers some sweet moments of her marriage

Lorella Cuccarini, multifaceted artist and current singing teacher at Amici, has a career behind her that has made her very beloved. With Silvia Toffanin, at Verissimo, he retraced not only what he did in the entertainment world, but also underlined the desire to pass on his experience to budding talents. He also talked about a special moment in his private life, the marriage with Silvio Testi, celebrated 30 years ago.

Lorella Cuccarini, the sweetest memories of the wedding

For Lorella Cuccarini and her husband Silvio Testi this is a truly special year. In fact, they celebrate 30 years since the wedding, always lived intensely, side by side. The two, who have also overcome difficult moments, still love each other deeply.

The memories of the wedding, therefore, are precious to them and, Cuccarini, wanted to give some to viewers, who know little about that day. Lorella, in fact, celebrated the wedding in great secrecy, without ever letting anything leak out. To do this, he avoided relying on external organizers and suppliers, who might have missed the news.

Her family helped her. The brothers, who helped her pack the wedding favors for the guests, and her mother, who made something really special for her: the wedding dress. She, a seamstress, has thus done with love and passion what was perhaps her most important job.

We got married in secret – said Lorella Cuccarini – because we wanted to keep this day confidential and therefore we did it right at home and each one took on his task. My brothers helped me with the wedding favors and mom sewed my dress, embroidering all the beads, one by one.

Lorella and Silvio: after 30 years they are still in love

The marriage with Silvio is still going well. Together they gave birth to four children, whom they love deeply and with whom they have a wonderful relationship. The secret to such a solid and lasting marriage does not exist. However, Lorella declared, there is an intention to overcome the obstacles of life together:

There is the idea of ​​making a journey together, of having chosen each other in life and of facing everything for better or for worse

There is no doubt, therefore, that they will also face the next few years together. And, even if it’s not yet time Lorella Cuccarini already has a dream to realize for her future: sooner or later she would like to become a grandmother. Will her children please her?

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