Very true, Maria Elena Boschi: "I want to become a mother with Giulio Berruti"

Maria Elena Boschi ospite a Verissimo

Maria Elena Boschi tells herself to "Verissimo": her love story with Giulio Berruti and the desire to become a mother

Maria Elena Boschi and Giulio Berruti: the secrets of their love story

The usual Saturday afternoon appointment with Verissimo is renewed, the talk show of the talented Silvia Toffanin. This week too many guests come to the studio, including Maria Elena Boschi: the Honorable talks about herself in the round, talking about her private life.

The appointment is for Saturday 27 March 2021 starting at 15:30 on Canale 5, well in advance of the schedule – Mediaset has in fact renewed its schedule by removing the episode of DayDreamer, the soap opera with Can Yaman that for weeks he had been leading the way for Verissimo. During the new episode of the talk show, Silvia Toffanin welcomes the splendid Maria Elena Boschi into her sitting room, who for the first time exclusively at Verissimo indulges in some confession about her love affair with Giulio Berruti.

The two started dating a few months ago, yet their relationship already seems to be very solid: "I'm very happy with him" – reveals Boschi – "For good luck I try to keep my feet on the ground, but my head is in the clouds . He is certainly a handsome man and he is brilliant, but the thing that struck me most is his purity and his being good ". So everything is going well between them, however it is still early to think about the big step: “I'd like to get married, but it takes two. In any case, I believe that the important thing is to have a person next to you who, in any case, represents home for you ".

In fact, Maria Elena Boschi admits that she is very instinctive: “When you have a strong complicity, then everything comes. In love I don't like making plans “. No wedding on the horizon, therefore, but the Honorable does not hide her desire for motherhood: "With Giulio I dream of becoming a mother" – she reveals to Verissimo – "I have always dreamed of it. Alongside him, it comes naturally to think about it because he too likes the idea of ​​having a family. Every now and then we talk about it ”.

Before concluding the interview, Boschi tackles a topic that is very close to her heart. In fact, she was recently the victim of stalking, which led her to denounce the one who for months tried to scare her: "I decided to do it because the limit was exceeded. A person sent me photos to make me understand that he was near me, because he wanted to meet me. But the thing that worried me most occurred when he went from Rome to Tuscany, violating Covid rules, because he wanted to meet my parents ". And he continues: “Right now I am not afraid for myself because I am protected. I think of other women who feel alone and for whom it is more difficult to have the courage to denounce ”.

Maria Elena Boschi guest at Verissimo

Maria Elena Boschi

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