Very true, Martina ready to reveal the whole truth about Celentano

Martina Miliddi

Martina, dancer of "Amici", is preparing to reveal her truth about Celentano to "Verissimo"

Lorella Cuccarini and Arisa will be the protagonists of Verissimo together with Martina Miliddi. The last eliminated from Maria De Filippi's show is ready to talk to Silvia Toffanin's microphones and, most likely, also to remove a few pebbles from her shoe regarding Celentano.

The dancer has in fact left the show after overcoming a series of obstacles and the criticisms of Alessandra Celentano. The dance teacher has always considered Martina unsuitable to participate in the evening using rather harsh judgments against her. In the last episode of Amici 2021, Martina had to face yet another gauntlet launched by Celentano who had proposed her a very complicated choreography suitable for those with basic ballet skills.

"It is I, as required by the ethics of dance, who concedes to simplify the more technical steps of the classic and meet Martina's limited skills. Simplify, not change, however, ”Celentano said, triggering the reaction first of Lorella Cuccarini, then of Stefano De Martino and the rest of the jury.

Belen Rodriguez's ex-husband and Amici 2021 colleagues had therefore chosen to cancel the gauntlet because it was considered unsuitable. “In my opinion it is not fair – Stefano reiterated -. Those who study Latin American generally study mainly Latin American while for all other dance styles a basic ballet dance is required. If you don't have it, you can't do it. In my opinion not even Francesca Tocca could make this glove. You know better than me that none of the Latin dancers can do that ”.

Stash, who had turned to Celentano, was of the same idea: "To highlight a student, there is no need to embarrass another in a vexatious manner", the former student had clarified. Shortly after his elimination Martina Miliddi had thanked all the staff of the broadcast without ever mentioning Alessandra Celentano.

In the next episode of Verissimo, thanks to the presence of Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini, Martina could reveal the whole truth about Celentano, letting off steam after months of difficulties and tests. Just as happened to Rosa, the show's dancer, who also ended up in the crosshairs of the dance teacher, convinced of her lack of talent.

The truth about the relationship with Aka7even born in the school of Amici 2021 is also very true. "Our story ended inside the school – the ballerina's confession -. I did not want him to suffer there was not only an infatuation. He stayed with me in bad times and in good times. Today a good relationship remains, I wish him the best ".

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