Very true, Melissa Satta tells her story ended with Boateng

Very true, Melissa Satta tells her story ended with Boateng

Melissa Satta, guest at "Verissimo", talks about the end of the story with Boateng and reveals her wishes

It has been several weeks since Melissa Satta announced her breakup with her longtime life partner, Kevin Prince Boateng. Now, guest at Verissimo, she is ready to retrace those difficult moments explaining the reasons that led her and the player to put an end to their relationship.

During the new episode of Verissimo, the splendid Satta talked about herself in the round. This is the first opportunity for her to tackle the delicate topic on TV: it all started from the post that the model had published last December 21, a beautiful family photo with which she revealed the difficult decision to end the relationship with Boateng. “It was the most important story of my life” – he explained to Silvia Toffanin, with great emotion – “The end of the marriage was a huge pain for me”.

Retracing her story with the footballer, Melissa recalled: "It was a wonderful relationship of love, with difficulties and changes." In fact, it hasn't always been all plain sailing between them. Falling in love back in 2011, they lived a real love story for several years, crowned in 2014 by the birth of their first son Maddox. Two years later, Satta and Boateng decided to get married, but at the beginning of 2019 they separated by mutual consent. A few months later, they wanted to try again: however, last December they finally ended their relationship.

Despite the fact that love has died down, Melissa Satta has revealed that she has remained on good terms with her ex: "I am very happy for everything I have done with him and I will thank him forever. We are calm and we have decided to each take their own path. We both took our blame and responsibility. Our son Maddox will bind us forever ”. The child, who will soon turn 7, seems to have calmly accepted the enormous change: "We talked about it, we faced it like a game" – admitted the model – "At first he didn't take it well, but now sees everything as a normal thing “.

Now, Melissa Satta is ready to look to the future smiling: “I want to take my life back in my hand as a mother and as a woman. I understood that I want to be myself ”. And he already has very clear ideas about what he wishes for himself (and for his son): “I want to rebuild a family. Maddox always asks me for a little brother or a little sister, sooner or later it will happen ”.

Melissa Satta to Verissimo

Melissa Satta

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