Very true, Nancy Brilli: “My son was a miracle”

Nancy Brilli, guest of “Verissimo”, confessed to her illness and talked about love and her son

The Saturday of Canale 5, as usual, was tinged with the colors of the great emotions of Verissimo’s stories: Silvia Toffanin’s living room was the backdrop for touching interviews, such as that of Nancy Brilli. The actress talked about herself at 360 degrees, talking above all about love and the disease that affected her life, endometriosis.

Nancy Brilli, the disease and the joy of motherhood

Nancy Brilli is a radiant guest in Verissimo’s studios: “Today I am calm – she said – I am happy as a mother, she is finally returning to the theater after this long period of pause, so good!”. After seeing images dedicated to her life, the actress told about all the emotions related to the joy of motherhood.

I think my son was a miracle, because they told me that after this disease, endometriosis, and after having undergone so many operations, there was no hope. They told me not to put my heart in it, but I did and today my heart is 21 years old and is doing university!

Discovering that she was expecting a baby, after a diagnosis as heavy as that of endometriosis, was a shocking but beautiful discovery for the actress, who spoke at length about the disease:

The problem with endometriosis is that it is difficult to diagnose, because we are used to suffering and we swallow. Fortunately, today there is more attention, it is understood that it is a very widespread disease. (…) It is a very painful disease, I underwent eight operations. Endometriosis brings with it so many fears and the guilt of being exaggerated for which I kept this terrible disease. I felt like I was guilty of something. But what about?

Nancy Brilli, the loves of her life and the disappointments

After the birth of her son, Nancy Brilli had to face and accept the end of this relationship, facing the separation:

At that moment you are giving the worst of you, both sides because you want to be right at all costs. I believed so much in this family and I grew up Chicco with all the love possible. His father was shortly there, he was very busy. Knowing how to communicate affection is not its main characteristic.

The actress is convinced that the absence of a father can never really be filled, but she tried to be the mother she wanted to have: “He is a square boy, serious, more balanced than I was at his age.

In the interview, however, a reference to love could not be missing: Nancy Brilli, now single for four years after the end of the story with Roy De Vita, has not yet found a new life partner:

I’m still in lockdown from that point of view, because after the last story, which lasted so many years, it took me a while to figure out why I was always making the same mistake. Obviously I choose a type of person with whom power struggles are then triggered. I’m smoothing out some sides, I’m working on it and frankly I’ve learned to love myself more.

Her dream is to have a relationship that makes her feel like a team, to build a path together. In the end, Brilli confessed: “I’m not looking for anyone, but if I meet him…!”, He concluded jokingly.

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