Very true, Noemi tells herself: “Today I see myself happy”. And talk about her husband

After the success in Sanremo, the splendid Noemi returns to "Verissimo" and talks about her transformation

The new episode of Verissimo opened with an exceptional guest: we are talking about Noemi, fresh from a fantastic experience at the Sanremo 2021 Festival during which she showed her incredible metamorphosis – which is, not surprisingly, the title of his new album.

“I had a moment when I felt out of focus. In my opinion it happens to everyone: in the speed of life, you lose contact with yourself "- said the artist, a guest in Silvia Toffanin's living room. This long interview with Verissimo's microphones was an opportunity for her to talk about a great change that has overwhelmed her life over the last few months, a real physical and mental transformation.

“It was as if, gradually, I lost control over my life. I couldn't figure out what the right move could be to center me as a person. This, even unconsciously, had burdened me: it was as if I had put myself alone in quicksand "- confessed Noemi -" I realized that that attitude would lead me to nothing. Something clicked, I wanted to refocus “.

And so, in recent months, the talented singer has made a revolution that has also inevitably reflected on her musical production: “I started again from me, wanting to recover that inner dialogue, that relationship with me that was important. And I tried to bring it to music, with the record entitled 'Metamorphosis'. Today I see myself happy, which is different from being beautiful. We have to change because it makes us happy, because it suits us and because it is our dream ”.

Talking to Verissimo, the artist also wanted to send a message to his fans: "If I can do it, I'm very lazy and I have a lot of difficulty in changing, a lot of people can do it." Noemi then revealed some details about her private life, talking about the relationship with her husband Gabriele Greco. He had a fundamental role in the transformation process that the singer has undertaken: "He was very close to me, it was really important".

Noemi and her husband have been together for many years, finally getting married in 2018. But their lives are closely linked, because Gabriele has been collaborating for some time in the artist's band: "We play together, he is a very good bass player. It's nice because we make a lot of trips together, but it leaves me a lot of space ”. His dream? Continue to work on her music – perhaps always in a couple with her husband – and enjoy the little joys of life: "I'd like to buy a beautiful sailboat" – confessed the singer, seeing herself already in the open sea admiring the infinite horizon.

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