Very true, Ornella Vanoni: "I don't need a man to be happy"

Verissimo, Ornella Vanoni: “Non ho bisogno di un uomo per essere felice”

Guest of Silvia Toffanin, Ornella Vanoni talked about the successes of her long career and the love of her dearest affections

Guest of Silvia Toffanin's living room, the great Ornella Vanoni, who told Verissimo about the successes of her long career and the love of her dearest affections.

Accompanied by her black poodle Ondina, the singer retraced some of the most important stages of her artistic career. Fresh from the performance at the Sanremo Festival, she has recently released her latest album of unreleased tracks entitled Unica, which however she confessed she does not like very much: "I did not want this title: when they present the singers they always say 'Here is the only one … ' of all. I fought as long as I could, then I gave up. I would have liked to call it Being Ornella “.

Obviously, it is impossible not to mention the many loves of Ornella Vanoni, even if today the feeling has taken on another form for her:

I loved and I was loved so much luckily – she admitted – I no longer have a man, if that is what love is meant. But I have many loves, which are my grandchildren, my son. I am a happy woman: I don't need a partner to be happy. I didn't know how to carry on a story, maybe there was the right man but it wasn't the right time … There isn't, but I have close friends, I have built many bonds and I don't feel alone.

Vanoni, however, wanted to talk not only about the happiness of this last period, but also about one of the darkest moments of her life, that of depression, a disease that today she has managed to leave behind:

I can't stand those who don't care. I transported myself to an institution and they diagnosed me. I found a psychiatrist who gave me the right things and I keep taking them. I am a borderline and there is a risk of relapse, but if you take care of it well it doesn't come back.

The singer then told Silvia Toffanin about the relationship with her grandchildren, one of the greatest joys of her life:

Matteo is big and fat, but he is very affectionate. Camilla instead is completely different: she has the Wanderlust, she has to travel. She has toured half of Asia, but I see that Milan is tight for her. When my nephew saw me in Sanremo he called me with a lump in my throat. They are happy that he is well.

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