Very true, Patrizia Mirigliani: "I denounced my son to save him from drugs"

Verissimo, Patrizia Mirigliani: “Ho denunciato mio figlio per salvarlo dalla droga”

In "Verissimo", Patrizia Mirigliani tells the battle to defeat her son's drug addiction

Brave and strong, Patrizia Mirigliani tells Verissimo about the long battle against her son's drug addiction and the painful choice to report him to save him from drugs. A nightmare, that of the patron of Miss Italia, started when her son Nicola was 18 years old.

“Nicola, now 32, is undergoing a therapeutic path – he explained to Silvia Toffanin -, but today he has reached a new awareness: he has understood that drugs take away conscience. He felt lost, he is good but he is also fragile. He needed more love, the problem was caused by the world around him, he was bullied at school ”. In Verissimo's living room, Patrizia recalled one of the most painful moments of her life when she chose to make a very strong gesture, denouncing her son.

"I denounced my son to save him, there was no other solution – admitted Mirigliani -. When you make a decision like this, you make it because you are alone. A mother's pity doesn't help a child. He continually asked me for money, a request that was accentuated when he needed more substances ”. At that time, the relationship between mother and son was deteriorating due, above all, to the use of drugs by Nicola. At the time, the boy did not understand Patrizia's gesture, but today, as she herself told Verissimo, she thanks her.

"When the complaint arrived he wanted to avenge by telling the press everything – he recalled -, but today he thanks me because I gave him a way to think, he understood that I was desperate to do this".

Nicola is the fruit of Patrizia Mirigliani's love for the entrepreneur Antonello Pisu. During the interview, Silvia Toffanin asked the patron of Miss Italia if she felt guilty towards her son because of some lack of him. “I was a mother who did everything for him – she admitted -. I believe that in small steps we will succeed ”. Finally, Mirigliani wanted to send a message of hope to all those families who are experiencing a difficult battle like hers. “I hope that one day Nicola can become a point of reference for other guys with the same problem,” he said.

Patrizia Mirigliani

Patrizia Mirigliani to Verissimo

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