Very true, pregnant Belen reveals the baby's name and tells about the miscarriage

Very true, pregnant Belen reveals the baby's name and tells about the miscarriage

“I'm expecting a little girl from Spinalbese. It will be called Luna Marie ": Belen tells Silvia Toffanin about the pregnancy. And reveals that she suffered a miscarriage

Belen and the second pregnancy: we hope it is female

Belen Rodriguez, pregnant for the second time, confirms that she is expecting a girl and finally reveals her name: “I am expecting a girl. It will be called Luna Marie ”. As a guest at Verissimo, in the episode that airs on Saturday 20 February, she revealed to Silvia Toffanin how she and Antonino Spinalbese decided to call the baby on arrival, after so many rumors.

In fact, according to the first rumors, the daughter of Belen and Spinalbese should have been called Tabita. The first to reveal it was the journalist Santo Pirrotta who, during the transmission Every morning, announced the pregnancy of the Argentine showgirl by leaking the sex and name of the baby on the way, even before the parents officially communicated the sweet news. Pirrotta in fact guessed that it was a girl but as regards the name, he said that it would be called Tabita because in an interview some time ago Belen had revealed her preference for that name, so much so that if she had ever had a girl he would have called it that.

Evidently, Rodriguez changed her mind or perhaps her Antonino Spinalbese made her change it. In any case, the almost new parents opted for Luna Marie, at least this is what the showgirl confessed, speaking with Silvia Toffanin. But this was not the only confidence about the second pregnancy. Belen is already the mother of Santiago, had by her ex-husband Stefano De Martino.

So she also told the presenter of Verissimo about her desire to have a baby girl: “I dreamed it was a girl. It will be called Luna Marie and will be born in the summer. I hope she looks like me, I can't wait to make her many braids ". A pregnancy to crown a love story that came like love at first sight: "I had stopped believing in love. Today I want it to last forever, I will never find a person like Antonino again ”.

Finally, Belen lets herself go to an intimate confession: "I got pregnant by mistake. When Antonino and I discovered it we were thrilled that it had happened. We didn't expect it, also because it was really too early, but then we realized it wasn't that bad because we were madly in love. And he continues: “Unfortunately after four days I lost the baby. We were terrible. This made us understand, however, that we very much wanted a child. Fortunately, the following month arrived ”.

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