Very true, Raoul Bova and Serena Autieri guests of Silvia Toffanin

Very true, Raoul Bova and Serena Autieri guests of Silvia Toffanin

From Serena Autieri to Stefano De Martino and Raoul Bova: all the guests of the next episode of "Verissimo"

Raoul Bova and Serena Autieri are some of Silvia Toffanin's guests in the April 10 episode of Verissimo. In the Saturday appointment of the show, many famous people will talk about each other, including emotions, confessions and news. Starting at 3.30 pm, the presenter will host Pio and Amedeo in the studio of the program. The comedians from April 16 will be in prime time on Canale Cinque with the highly anticipated show Happy Evening.

In recent weeks the comedians had ended up at the center of some controversy due to a joke about Belen Rodriguez's pregnancy during Amici 2021. Pio and Amedeo in fact had turned to Stefano De Martino, judge of the broadcast, joking about Belen's new relationship , expecting a little girl by Antonino Spinalbese. “Let's applaud Stefano De Martino – they said -. Best wishes again that he becomes a dad again. Finally a little brother for Santiago. Ah isn't it yours? Weren't you in the photograph? Belén takes them all the same, I don't understand. […] I know him, he's a good guy, he's a hairdresser. No I say, you had to go to the hairdresser … "

Also to Verissimo Alvaro Morata and Alice Campello, who will release a couple interview to tell their life away from the spotlight, between love and family. There will also be Raoul Bova and Serena Autieri who will present the fiction Buongiorno mamma and will also talk about their personal life. The actress has been linked for years to her husband Enrico Griselli, while Bova lives an overwhelming love affair with Rocio Munoz Morales with whom she had daughters Luna and Alma.

In the talk show hosted by Silvia Toffanin there will be previews on Amici 2021 with the three judges of the broadcast guests in the studio. Stefano De Martino, Emanuele Filiberto and Stash will talk in front of the cameras. There will also be Tommaso Stanzani, the dancer who was eliminated during the third episode, sparking heated controversy.

At Verissimo there will also be Luca Barbarossa who wanted to celebrate his 60th birthday with an autobiographical novel entitled Don't miss anything, Enrica Bonaccorti who will talk about her long career and Mariangela Tarì who published the book The precipice of love.

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