Very true, Rita Rusic on Cecchi Gori: "He had become aggressive".

Very true, Rita Rusic on Cecchi Gori: "He had become aggressive".

Rita Rusic, guest of "Verissimo", returns to talk about the relationship with Vittorio Cecchi Gori and reveals: "He had become aggressive"

Rita Rusic confesses to Verissimo, returning to talk about her troubled love affair with Vittorio Cecchi Gori. The actress and former protagonist of GF Vip talked about herself in Silvia Toffanin's studio, talking about her ex-husband and their relationship. "He was a man who knew how to shape you and when I met him I was very young – he explained -. I think she really loved me, but things started to change when I became a successful woman, when the newspapers started writing about me. I was happy, but at the same time sorry for him. I felt like I had taken something away from him to fulfill myself. Instead, I hadn't taken anything away from him ”.

A strong and intense relationship between Rita and Cecchi Gori, but also marked by some shadows. "For 16 years he has never given me the opportunity to do an interview – confided Rusic -. This sense of competition was transmitted to him by his father, who was very jealous. He often repeated 'I am the son of a great father and husband of a great wife'. He thought so, but he suffered from it ”.

Rita then recalled the difficult period of separation: “I wanted to separate three years before it actually happened – she revealed -. The malaise had arrived much earlier and had also arrived for our children. Vittorio had become an aggressive man […] We know that anything can happen in dramatic moments. We had become a suffering family, he was aware of it, but we see that on the other side there was something more important. It was very sad to part, but I also did it out of a strong sense of responsibility for the children. They suffered from the lack of love from a father who, perhaps, was unable to give them any ".

After the producer's illness and during the GF Vip, Rita Rusic and Vittorio Cecchi Gori had reunited. To Silvia Toffanin, however, the film producer explained that their relationships have been interrupted again. "We haven't talked to each other since June, since I scolded him for taking everything away from me – he told Verissimo -. I respect him as the father of my children, but I will never forgive him for confusing his only family for enemies and also for taking away my dignity as a producer. I have resisted for years in a difficult situation for my children and also for work. After 20 years, one day, all of a sudden, they told me that I could no longer enter the office and our homes. They always talk about my millionaire separation, but the truth is that I made a "zero euro" divorce, despite being one of the wealthiest families in Italy ".

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