Very true, Rosalinda Cannavò: "I don't deny what I did"

Rosalinda Cannavò, guest of "Verissimo", talks about the experience of the "GF Vip" and the relationship with Dayane Mello.

Rosalinda Cannavò talks about herself in a long interview with Verissimo, talking about the relationship with Dayane Mello, born at GF Vip and about her love for Andrea Zenga. “Dayane was the most important person for me in the house – she confessed to Silvia Toffanin -. I have never had a friend like that outside, either: we will meet again ".

In fact, just before the final, Dayane had confessed to having fallen in love with Rosalinda, only to then send her in nomination with Stefania Orlando. The "betrayal" of the supermodel had caused much discussion, sparking the reaction of Tommaso Zorzi. "The affection I feel towards her hasn't changed – she said speaking of her friend -, I'm just disappointed by the words she said to me. It hurt me a lot. The nomination was just the last stab he gave me. I questioned everything a little but, beyond the game, I am there for her. There will be opportunities to talk to each other and I am sure that we will be able to find our friendship ".

For Rosalinda, GF Vip was first of all an inner journey that led her to confront the ghosts of the past. "I had never talked about this before Big Brother – he said referring to the episode of violence that took place when he was just 12 years old -. Only my mother knew. It is a pain that marked me a lot and that I still carry inside me today. I hope my story was able to help other girls who are victims of violence. At the time I made a serious mistake, that of not telling it and not reporting it ".

"I feel free and light – added the actress, who has abandoned the stage name of Adua Del Vesco -. I never thought that all this could happen to me. I removed some huge boulders that I had been carrying inside for years and today I am happy. I'm sorry I unleashed a case, but I'm happy because I'm right. I also have wonderful memories of those days, I don't deny what I did because it allowed me to realize my biggest dream. However, I also carry some very heavy experiences that made me fall into anorexia. The weight of those lies made me suffer: at that moment I wanted to disappear, I wanted to die ”.

Today in Rosalinda's heart there is only room for Andrea Zenga: "There is a great feeling with him, I was scared thinking about what life outside could be but it is even more beautiful – he revealed -. I introduced it first to Gabriel Garko than to my mother who is in Sicily. He told me to keep it tight ”.

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