Very true: Sabrina Salerno and Andrea Bocelli guests of Silvia Toffanin

Verissimo: Sabrina Salerno e Andrea Bocelli ospiti di Silvia Toffanin

Andrea Bocelli, Nek, Patrizia Mirigliani, Sabrina Salerno and Elisabetta Gregoraci: the guests of the new episode of "Verissimo" by Silvia Toffanin

Sabrina Salerno and Andrea Bocelli are the guests of Verissimo. The showgirl and the tenor have chosen to tell their stories in Silvia Toffanin's studio, between exciting moments and revelations. Great protagonist of the last Sanremo Festival, where she returned to sing Boys, the catchphrase that consecrated her to a musical star, Sabrina recounted the identity theft suffered in recent weeks.

Salerno explained that she was the victim of some criminals on the social network. A story that also involved her son Luca Maria, born in 2004 and the fruit of love for Enrico Monti, the entrepreneur she married in 2006 and with whom she is still very much in love.

Space also for Andrea Bocelli, ready to tell Verissimo between music and private events, in a long interview granted to Silvia Toffanin. The public will then be able to find out what happened to Nek, who was operated on in an emergency last November after a bad accident suffered in the hand. The singer will retrace those difficult moments, marked by the support of his wife Patrizia Vacondio and daughters who have never left him alone.

Fresh from GF Vip and always on the crest of the wave, Elisabetta Gregoraci will return to Verissimo's studio with a special guest: her sister Marzia. The two women are very close and together have faced the pain of the death of their beloved mother. The meeting with Silvia Toffanin will also be an opportunity to talk about the Calabrian showgirl's relationship with Flavio Briatore. After the farewell to the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, Elisabetta took a vacation in Dubai with her son Nathan Falco and her ex-husband, showing a strong understanding with the entrepreneur.

To Verissimo also the actress Matilde Gioli, star of Doc – In your hands, with Luca Argentero, and Patrizia Mirigliani. The woman behind the success of Miss Italia will talk about the struggle she has been fighting for years against the drug addiction of her son Nicola. Some time ago Patrizia had courageously told of having reported him to save him from drugs.

"I denounced my son to save him, it is the greatest pain of my life but I had no choice – he explained -. I've been fighting for twelve years of my life. Nicola suffers from addictions, I took him to seven communities. If I have come to the point of denouncing my son, it is because I am destroyed ”.

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