Very true, Signorini moved: the deep love for comrade Paolo

Alfonso Signorini

An Alfonso Signorini in love and unedited, the one that was told to ‘Verissimo’ and to Silvia Toffanin: from the relationship with his Paolo to the moving memory of his mother

Alfonso Signorini, thanks to his work, has always observed and told the stories of others. This time, however, accepting Silvia Toffanin’s invitation to Verissimo, he opened up, talking about the deeper aspects of his life, about the love for which he has always had great confidentiality and about his family. He did it with great emotion, which also hit the presenter.

Alfonso Signorini and the great love for Paolo

Love fills the life of Alfonso Signorini. A topic often dealt with in his work, both as a newspaper editor and as a host of Big Brother Vip, when it comes to revealing the most romantic aspects of his life, he always has a little effort.

The profound feeling that unites him to his Paul, however, appeared evident in a time of great need. After the final of the fifth edition of the GF Vip, Signorini fell ill with Covid, experiencing moments of great concern and fear. In the evening, especially, he was extremely frightened.

I received manifestations of true love because with the person I am very attached to, who is Paolo, we constantly spoke on the phone. He knew I was afraid of the dark and the night and he said to me: “Tonight I will come to sleep in your garage so if you need I will be there”.

The two, on the other hand, have known and loved each other for a long time: they have been together for 19 years. They have very different characters, which also leads them to quarrel furiously. Perhaps this is also why they have decided not to live together, but the feeling that binds them is deep and real and, day after day, they feel the need to find each other again.

I am there for him and he for me, we have come a long way together. Sometimes we fight furiously, we don’t hear each other. I remember what my mom told me. She liked Paolo very much.

Alfonso Signorini, tears in memory of his mother

And with his mother, who passed away about 9 years ago, Signorini has always had a special relationship. Her memory moves him deeply and, speaking of her, he has a hard time holding back tears, especially if he thinks of all the lost and underestimated moments.

Forgetting to take advantage of every moment when you are busy with the chores of everyday life is all too easy, but there were also many moments that Alfonso lived with his mother:

I found the time to cuddle her, to hug her. I remember the last time I went to get her, she hardly ate anymore, and I told her: “Mom today I’ll take you to the restaurant”. […] It was her and I talking, talking about our life, about the life that had passed.

His teachings, there is no doubt, will always illuminate the way for him. He learned, first of all, to value time, learning to manage it and dedicating it only to what is most important to him: to his work, his partner, his niece Ilaria, his confidant, and his loved ones.

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