Very true, Silvia Toffanin starts with a bang: Belen Rodriguez and Ilary Blasi among the first guests

“Verissimo” is ready to return to the scene: Silvia Toffanin has some special guests in mind, for her first two episodes

The debut of the new season of Verissimo promises to be truly breathtaking: Silvia Toffanin is back on the air even with a double date, for the first time also on Sunday afternoon. And it has already announced its first guests, some of the most beloved faces of Italian TV.

It will be a weekend full of surprises, the one that is approaching. The new edition of Verissimo is preparing for its debut, with two exceptional episodes broadcast on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September 2021, starting at 4:30 pm on Canale 5. This is perhaps the most exciting news of the autumn season: Silvia Toffanin will in fact go to cover part of the Sunday daytime, together with Anna Tatangelo who will soon debut with her new show, Scene from a wedding – which, by the way, has been postponed to October 3, leaving space for two special appointments of Amici.

But let’s go back to the great guests who will open the dance, in this new edition of Verissimo. During the two episodes, we will have the opportunity to discover the secrets and curiosities of some of the most appreciated stars by the public. One of them is undoubtedly Ilary Blasi: a historical colleague of Silvia Toffanin at the time of word of mouth, she has become a very good presenter and is today grappling with her brand new program entitled Star in the Star. From her romantic love for Francesco Totti to the splendid family, passing through her many successes, Blasi will tell her story in the round.

It will then be the turn of Belen Rodriguez, at her first television appearance after the birth of her second child Luna Marì. She will have many things to tell: her new role as new mother bis, grappling with the needs of a baby girl and the inevitable little jealousies of Santiago, the relationship with Antonino Spinalbese and, perhaps, even some anticipation on the new season of Tu Yes Que Vales. The Argentine showgirl is in fact back to work for the recordings a few days after giving birth, a real sprint mother.

But the guests do not end there: Federica Pellegrini will also return to Verissimo’s armchair, to talk about her new life away from (practiced) sport. The last Tokyo 2020 Olympics marked the end of his career, and now he has decided to go to the other side of the fence, reinventing himself as a sports executive. And then she will reveal something more about her love for Matteo Giunta, with whom she has now finally come out into the open.

Speaking of the Olympics: Silvia Toffanin managed to snatch an interview also from Marcell Jacobs, who will be one of the first guests of this season of Verissimo. The Olympic champion will bring to the studio his great excitement for those gold medals won in Tokyo just a few weeks ago, but also for the wedding with his Nicole Daza, which are getting closer and closer.

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