Very true, Stash and Giulia talk about the emotion of being parents: "The most beautiful thing is her"

Very true, Stash and Giulia talk about the emotion of being parents: "The most beautiful thing is her"

The guest couple at "Verissimo" told Silvia Toffanin the sensations and happiness of becoming parents of little Grace

The emotion of a child: you can read it in the eyes of Stash as a guest of Silvia Toffanin in Verissimo's studio. The singer and former teacher of Amici recently became the father of little Grace, born of love with her partner Giulia Belmonte.

And the great joy of birth the artist shared with his many followers on Instagram in a story by writing: "Grace was born and the most beautiful thing in the world", adding a red heart.

In the Saturday afternoon lounge of Canale 5, however, he did his first interview as a dad. “How do you feel?”: Asked Silvia Toffanin. "Very strange", replied the singer who then added: "It's a new emotion". The presenter also asked him how much he cried, but he explained that he laughed a lot, that he was "a bit of a jester in the toughest phase". To connect in the studio Giulia, smiling and beautiful new mother: "I'm in a whirlwind of emotions that I can't even explain," he said. As with many new parents, sleep is lacking, with long awake nights shared by both. And the partner explained that Stash is a “ten” dad who sings songs to his little girl during the day.

During the interview, a nice video was also shown that told the love story between the two, from the first meeting three years ago in a bookshop, to the first outing together last spring, until Grace's birth. And precisely with regard to the choice of the name for their first child, Grace Fiordispino, they explained that they chose it together. At the beginning of pregnancy, the couple was distant due to the lockdown, which is why Silvia Toffanin asked how was the hug they gave each other when they met again: "A hug completely different from those we were used to: because in that 'hug there was all the love, all the desire to start this adventure with all the attached and connected fears ”explained Giulia. The couple also talked about the fears of the beginning. And then Stash added: "Right now I'm sure the most beautiful thing to date is her – adding – I feel ready to live this life in support of Grace." On the eventuality of the wedding, he explained that he is not a "fan of marriage, I don't like the idea of ​​contracting a feeling: what happened to us with Grace, the nature that gives us this gift and that tells us in a certain sense you are made for each other, this is the way I want to live my love with Giulia ”.

And the couple is now preparing to experience their first Christmas as parents.

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