Very true, Stefano D’Orazio’s wife: “When he disappeared I died with him”

Tiziana Giardoni, wife of Stefano D’Orazio tells Silvia Toffanin the last moments she lived with Stefano D’Orazio and the pain caused by his death

Funeral Stefano D’Orazio, the Pooh’s last farewell and the pain of his wife Tiziana

It has been about a year since Stefano D’Orazio, the historic drummer of Pooh, passed away. An immense pain for his admirers, for his colleagues and, above all, for his wife Tiziana Giardoni, who, in the last twelve months, has faced some really difficult moments. To tell them, just her, in an intense interview with Silvia Toffanin at Verissimo.

Very true, Tiziana Giardoni and the last ones by Stefano D’Orazio

They loved each other very much, Tiziana and Stefano, with a love that not even death can extinguish. The pain, however, is for this very reason extremely strong: “When Stefano disappeared I died with him”, Giardoni confessed. For her, therefore, to tell what happened is not at all easy, but in front of Silvia Toffanin she does not hold back.

The infection from Covid, which for D’Orazio was fatal, occurred during a family dinner organized to celebrate the recovery from cancer of Tiziana’s father. After a few days, Giardoni’s sister began to have the first symptoms. From there, the rush to swabs that immediately tested positive.

Initially, however, the drummer didn’t show any kind of symptoms, at least for a few days. Then, one evening, the fever rose and Tiziana, given the previous illnesses from which D’Orazio was suffering, decided to call the ambulance, begging the doctors to be able to follow him to the hospital. There was nothing to do: that was the last time she saw and heard him.

From that moment on I have never heard or seen him again, not even in the coffin. He did not deserve to die like this, such a situation was unacceptable.

Tiziana Giardoni, after D’Orazio also faces the loss of her father

After the tragic loss of Stefano D’Orazio, another serious mourning followed for Tiziana Giardoni. A few days after the farewell to the love of his life, he had to face an extremely painful moment: he also lost his father, who was 74 years old.

My dad – Tiziana said – passed away twenty days after Stefano. He was 74 and doing fine. I lost the most important men in my life. Now I try to do as much as possible to pass on the beautiful things they left me.

Tiziana, therefore, lives in the memory of Stefano D’Orazio and his father. The pain of their losses will be impossible for her to undo. Their teachings, love, values ​​and life moments that they shared with her, however, will remain forever and will never abandon her.

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