Very true, the confession of Amanda Lear on Miguel Bosè

Amanda Lear to Verissimo’s microphones responds to Miguel Bosè’s statement about his first time with her

The singer and actress Amanda Lear replies to Miguel Bosè on the microphones of Verissimo, in the episode aired on Sunday 21 November 2021.

After the story of the singer, who in his autobiography published in Spain had revealed that he had lost his virginity with Lear, the latter decided to tell his version of events.

Amanda Lear confesses her past to Miguel Bosè

Miguel Bosè told in his autobiography that he lost his virginity at 17 with singer Amanda Lear, who replied in an interview with Silvia Toffanin during the recording of the episode of Verissimo.

“If Miguel Bosè said he had his first sexual experience with me, it means that I left him a good memory”, commented the singer of Tomorrow.

“I don’t understand why Miguel told this private thing, but you can see that I left him a good memory”.
And again: “He was the son of the great bullfighter Dominguin, who was a great conqueror and was worried that Miguel was too delicate, sweet. He was often a guest of Salvador Dalì in Cadaqués and one summer Dominguin practically threw him into my arms. Miguel and I went for a walk and it happened ”.

The words of Miguel Bosè in his autobiography

The autobiographical book of the artist Miguel Bosè was released in Spain, who spoke with his heart open to the public who follows him, also speaking without filters of his parents Lucia Bosè and Dominguin, for whom he did not spend beautiful words, on the contrary.

Miguel Bosè tells how his parents were “monsters”, especially his father who covered the role of the perfect male chauvinist, a man of other times in an obviously negative sense: “My father wanted me to be a man like God commands: a macho, a hunter, a womanizer. I was more Lombard, more sensitive ”. However, he claims to have forgiven him over time.

Among the various passages inside we also find the one on Amanda Lear, in which Bosè writes: “I think they were able to design it because my father couldn’t wait for me to be initiated into sex to ‘compete’ with him with other women. Since then, Amanda and I continue to live an enormous brotherhood and complicity today ”.

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