Very true, the truth of Pamela Prati. Toffanin: "It's a horror movie"

Very true, the truth of Pamela Prati. Toffanin: "It's a horror movie"

Pamela Prati in tears confesses to Verissimo, declaring herself victim of the story that has seen her protagonist in these months

Pamela's version arrives in Verissimo's living room by Silvia Toffanin. Outside the audience, the whole studio is for a two-way confrontation between the presenter and her guest, Pamela Prati. A highly anticipated interview that reveals the whole truth about the intricate Mark Caltagirone case.

The showgirl arrives in the studio visibly tried and slim. In a few days he lost nine pounds from stress. The first word he utters is "Sorry", directed to Toffanin for the last abrupt meeting, but probably also addressed to the Italian public who followed the story between lies, statements and retractions.

Pamela Prati is in Verissimo to defend herself and to tell her pain. This is his version. She is a victim of everything. She repeatedly describes herself as a woman who, in the days of the fateful 'virtual' encounter with the phantom Marco Caltagirone, lived a period of fragility. She speaks of herself as a disappointed child, a woman who needed to cling to a dream: great love, a family, happiness.

I am very ill, I have lost weight and I still cannot think that all this is not true. The fairy tale was proposed to me on a silver plate, the family I have always desired was about to arrive. If I think that all this is not there, it still seems incredible to me.

Yet it is reality: Marco Caltagirone does not exist. And in the end the admission comes.

The last time I was in Verissimo I thought it existed. The truth I only understood for a few days, when I saw photographs of what I thought was my boyfriend and which instead portrayed a man from Milan.

Pamela Prati is shaken as she tells her truth and repeats repeatedly that she is afraid. Because he does not understand how such an absurd story ended, because, he repeats several times, he does not know who is behind it. Not only his dream, but his serenity at the moment is compromised.

I've lost nine pounds, I can't sleep. I still can't get over it. My only mistake was believing in love because yes, I was really in love with this man. I was really preparing the wedding! I didn't tell lies I defended a love that I believed in and believe in. I'm sick.

This story will mark her, will remain on her like the tattoo that, as a sign of love for Mark, was done on the side:

It is the text of a message he sent me: Put me as a seal on your heart.

So many lies have been told to me, to a fragile woman in love who believes in a fairy tale, am I a fool? I'm stupid.

Obviously the lies would have been told to her by her agents Pamela Perricciolo and Eliana Michelazzo: they would have taken advantage of the ingenuity of Prati to create all this incredible and complex staging. But to Toffanin's more precise questions, Prati cannot answer, above all to one: Why?

Certainly she defends herself from the rumors about the economic difficulties due to alleged gambling debts, which according to some would have first pushed her into the trap orchestrated by the two agents, and then, once aware of this, they would have convinced her to keep the game. Objective: to collect money from exclusives with newspapers and TV on the day of the 'Yes'.

Debts? I have not received a euro from this story. Where was the business? Who has no economic problems right now in Italy? I have no debt. It is being said that I made this up for money. But it's not true. It is not true that I play and in fact these rumors will deny my lawyer. I have been retired for the other year, and I have no gambling debts, this is a very bad slander against me.

The most serious and unpleasant aspects of the story are also affected: the involvement of at least one minor, the fake son that Pamela would have taken in custody with Caltagirone after the wedding. There is a photo of her with a child. But who is this child? Prati cannot answer.

Toffanin reminds her that the story is so articulate and surreal that not even Spielberg could have made such a script.

But Pamela Prati continues to seem really tried by everything, and returns to talk about her latest, turbulent one hosted at Verissimo, directly addressing the presenter:

I am ashamed, I feel fragile, I feel small, when I came to you I asked you for help, instead you were very aggressive. I was alone, I looked for you after the broadcast, I didn't want to review the interview because I knew it was bad. Mine was a cry for help. Right here, I started seeing things that then opened my eyes. It's terrible, I know. Something happened that I never imagined.

And now Prati says she just wants to forget and take back her life:

Sunday I was at the first communion of my great-grandchild. It gave me strength to stay in church to pray, and being with my grandchildren and sisters again was wonderful. They had moved me away from my family, now that I am finding her I know that I will have the strength to start again.

Silvia Toffanin greets Prati and accompanies her out of the study, but the question Pamela asks her: "Do you believe me?" Remains unanswered.

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