Vezzali announces the withdrawal and closes with a silver

Vezzali announces the withdrawal and closes with a silver

Valentina Vezzali announces farewell to fencing with a video and concludes her career in beauty, winning silver in the foil world championship in Rio de Janeiro

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In fencing, in addition to the sense of measure, a good choice of time is fundamental. There is a time for everything. And this I think is the right time to remove the mask, hang the foil on the nail and start a new start

With this video posted on their twitter profile, the 42-year-old champion Valentina Vezzali, currently engaged in Rio de Janeiro in the quarterfinals of the women's world team championships, gives the fans a farewell to fencing.

With great emotion he announces that this will be his last time on the platform ("Today is a special day: I go on the platform for the last time! Here is my greeting")

Fencing has been my life, the foil has accompanied me since I was just over six and together we shared emotions, disappointments, medals, injuries, tears of joy and tears of anger

I leave the platform with the awareness of having given all I could give to this fascinating sport, and the certainty of having received the same

I have two beautiful children, a wonderful family, but leaving this great love is not easy. But I am sure of one thing: fencing taught me to fight and never give up. And in life, after every end there is always a beginning. I don't see the sunset, but the dawn of new challenges, to face and win

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