Vichy squares: the elegance of a timeless fantasy

How to wear Vichy checks? Here are some look ideas for you

Vichy checks are a delightful fantasy, which in spring summer sees its maximum splendor! Needless to say, I love them and that, like all patterns, every woman can wear it: just choose the right fabric and know how to do it! Let's see it together.

Vichy squares: general lines

Like all patterns, you just need to know a few strategic tricks to wear them at their best. Always think that they are a fantasy, so they will tend to attract attention: then bring them to the part of your body that is your strong point, the one you want to highlight. Another very important thing: small squares optically tighten, large squares, on the contrary, will expand. The same goes for colors: you prefer mixes of dark colors, such as white / black or white / blue to reduce and instead pairs of light colors such as white / red, or white / pastel tones to enlarge and optically give the idea of ​​greater volume.

checkered vichy dress

Vichy squares: how to combine them

My suggestion, to simplify your life, is to keep the same colors of the fantasy, taking them back with the other garments you wear. For me, white always dominates, precisely because of the spring and fresh taste that this fantasy has.

checkered vichy skirt

Vichy squares: notes of color

If you want, you can add a colorful detail: my advice is to choose only one (so either the shoes, or the bag for example), in order to focus your attention on him as much as possible. The rest of the look will keep on the basic colors of the pattern.

vichy color squares

Vichy squares: different sizes

Like all fantasies, even the Vichy picture has been reinterpreted in a thousand different ways: one of these is to combine different sizes together. In principle it works, the only advice I give you is to keep the other items as basic as possible.

Vichy squares of different sizes

Vichy squares: with denim

With denim you know, for me you are never wrong. Even to play down and make the squares more gritty it works very well. You can opt for classic jeans, but also for more modern and sporty cuts, perhaps to be combined with softer colors, such as pastel shades.

checkered vichy jacket

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