Victoria by Måneskin: "Disorienting when I was attracted to a woman"

Victoria De Angelis dei Maneskin

Victoria of Måneskin tells of the desire to live freely and overcome the labels imposed by society

Victoria De Angelis of Måneskin talks about herself, revealing that she was bewildered the first time she felt attraction to a woman. "When for the first time I felt feelings and attraction for a girl it was a bit disorienting – confided the bassist of the group that triumphed at Eurovision -, because I had never had the courage to go beyond the limitations I had imposed. To myself".

"For society, being heterosexual is the norm – he told Vanity Fair – and therefore often one automatically pegs himself in that way depriving himself of the freedom to experience many different shades and facets of love. Once I got over the initial insecurity of having to question one's own certainties, I lived my sexuality in a very natural and free way, as it should be for everyone ".

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“At the age of six I did not tolerate the distinctions between male and female – the musician confessed -. I've always had strong ideas about how I wanted to be. I refused things typically defined as a child, and around me they made fun of me for skating, playing soccer, not wearing skirts, giving myself the chance to be as I wanted. I suffered a little, I suffered a little, but I had courage, and today thanks to that courage I know that I could have been much more hurt, or I would have risked leaving the most important decision to others: the one about me. ".

Victoria is very attached to the other members of Måneskin – Ethan Torchio, Thomas Raggi and Damiano David – with whom she overcomes mental barriers and preconceptions, living freely. "Heels for men we like, kisses between us, we have an open, extended mind, and we are proud of it," he explained.

The group, achieved success thanks to X Factor, triumphed first in Sanremo then at Eurovision. Despite being very famous, artists have always kept their private life a secret. The only certainty is that Damiano David is romantically linked to Giorgia Soleri. A love that grew out of the spotlight and has lasted for four years. Only recently the singer has decided to reveal the love story on Instagram.

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