Video tutorial: autumn make-up

Video tutorial: autumn make-up

A simple and light makeup with warm tones for autumn evenings

How to wear makeup for an autumn evening in a simple and light way? Video blogger Ladymija explains it step by step in the video tutorial, from applying eyeshadow to lip makeup, which can be a strong note or be left naked look, depending on the inspiration of the moment or occasion.

The secret? Do not neglect the equipment, especially the make-up brushes. This makeup focuses mainly on the eyes, which will acquire depth and brightness.

First of all, start by applying a creamy base to your eyelid with your fingers. On the latter, always with your fingers, add gold-green colored mineral eyeshadow.
– Take a marker brush and outline the outside of the eyelid with black eyeshadow, blending inward.
– With a brush to blend, blend outside with a brown eyeshadow. Wet the tip of the brush to blend and tap to intensify the color.
– It is the turn of the flat brush: wet it and go over the gold-green eyeshadow all over the eyelid.
– Pass a bronze colored pencil on the lower external line of the eye.
– With a cat's tongue brush, always blend a copper-colored eyeshadow on the lower line of the eye.
– Take a wet eyliner brush and pass the brown eyeshadow on the top line of the eye.
– Apply a black mascara on the upper lashes.
– For cheeks use a peach blusher.
– If you don't want to leave your lips nude-look, a not too bright red pencil and a slightly glittery gloss will do for you.

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