Vieri, love for Costanza Caracciolo: "I couldn't ask for better"

In love with his wife Costanza, Bobo Vieri indulges in splendid words for his sweetheart

A life spent on the football fields, an infinite group of women at his side and the fame of a true Latin lover: Christian Vieri was undoubtedly one of the main protagonists of the gossip columns of the 2000s, but for some time now he put his head right. To succeed in this enterprise was the beautiful Costanza Caracciolo, who became his wife and the mother of his two girls.

“It took me very little to understand that I would start a family with her” – said Bobo Vieri in a long interview with 7, the Corriere della Sera magazine – “I had known her for ten years, I knew very well what kind of woman I had in front of me. It was fast, very simple. I saw her again and in a flash I realized we were going to get married ". Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo, lifelong friends, only saw the spark explode in the summer of 2017, when they started dating. And, in an instant, their lives were inextricably linked.

Married on March 18, 2019 with a very secret ceremony that took place in the enchanting setting of Villa Litta, in Milan, the two lovers made their dream come true. Even before the wedding, however, they had decided to expand the family: after a miscarriage in the third month of pregnancy, which painfully happened when Costanza and Bobo had been together for a very short time, their splendid Stella arrived. The baby, born in 2018, brought a ray of sunshine to the couple, still shaken by the terrible loss.

Shortly after, the happy news: Caracciolo revealed that she was pregnant again, and in March 2020 her second child Isabel was born. The Vieri family is now in full force (at least for the moment), and for Bobo there could be no greater joy. Madly in love with his women, he knows he owes a lot to Costanza: “She is really beautiful, there is no doubt about that. Then it has great character, I like it. And it is always sunny ”- he admitted. As a mother, on the other hand, she is "number one", revealed the former footballer: "I couldn't ask for anything better".

That Bobo and Costanza want to expand the family again in the future? For now, Costanza does not seem willing at all: in an interview that the former tissue gave to the weekly Chi a few months ago, she confessed to feeling complete like this. “We stop for now, I've been pregnant for three years and we have two wonderful daughters. Then… in life, never say never ”.

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