Viggo Mortensen, actor: biography and curiosity

Viggo Mortensen, actor: biography and curiosity

Viggo Mortensen was one of the most appreciated and renowned actors within the film scene, here is some useful information about his life and career

Viggo Mortensen was born on October 20, 1958 in the city of New York. He is an important American actor, with Danish origins. He achieved great success following the interpretation of "Aragon" in the famous film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". Not only that, Viggo Mortensen has starred in other important films such as "Perfect crime", "Red alert" and "Ocean of fire". In addition, after the release of the film "The promise of the murderer", the actor won the Academy Awards for best leading actor, thanks also to the fascinating film entitled "A Dangerous Method", particularly appreciated by all lovers of the great screen. He also starred alongside Sylvester Stallone in the film "Daylight – Trap in the tunnel". Viggo Mortensen is not only an actor of great fame, but also a particularly charming and talented man, thanks to his deep gaze and his innate artistic skills. In fact, this character also nourishes further passions such as that of music, photography and poetry. He is therefore a real artist in all respects. Viggo Mortensen was born in Manhattan and is the eldest son of three children of the couple made up of his father Viggo Peter Mortensen Sr. and his mother Grace Gamble. The latter originates from the United States while the father is of Danish origin. The couple met during a vacation in Oslo, Norway and between the two it was immediately love.

After the birth of their relationship, the two started their wedding and decided to get married in Holland with a Lutheran ceremony. Viggo Mortensen's grandfather was originally from Nova Scotia (Canada) while his grandmother was of Norwegian origin. In addition to the great fame achieved following his participation in "The Lord of the Rings", Viggo Mortensen has achieved enormous fame thanks to the film "Soldier Jane" alongside Demi Moore. The childhood of the little Viggo was rather animated because of his father's profession, constantly moving between Denmark, Argentina and Venezuela. Once the family has moved to Argentina, Viggo begins to learn and learn the Spanish language. During that time his father was the manager of a ranch and was in charge of some farms for raising chickens. Also in that period, the other children of the couple were born, namely the younger brothers of Viggo, named Charles and Walter who currently both work as geologists. Viggo Mortensen, at the age of 11, had to face a rather complex and difficult period related to his family, namely the divorce of his parents.

Following this sad episode, the mother moved back to New York, while the little Viggo and the father went to live in Copenhagen. But soon after, both the father and the son returned to the USA, where Viggo continued his studies and graduated from an important college in New York. It is during this period of his life that the young Viggo carries out various activities within the college, namely Watertown High School. In fact, he dedicates himself to numerous sports activities, in particular driven by his passion for tennis and swimming. Just at that time he discovered that he had a great interest in the world of photography, a passion that the actor has never overlooked, but has always deepened over the years. When he was 17, he was involved in a stormy fight during a drink with friends, where he was injured with a barbed wire which caused him to cut deeply in the upper lip area. This serious cut was immediately stitched up with numerous stitches, but it gave him an indelible scar on the face that Viggo has been wearing since the day of the fight.

Subsequently, in 1976 he graduated in the faculty of Spanish literature and political science and after a few years he began working as a translator for the Swedish ice hockey team during the Winter Olympics. After completing his studies, Viggo decides to return to Denmark and begins to do some odd jobs including waiter, bartender, truck driver, but for a short period he has also worked as a florist. Following these experiences, the turning point in the life of Viggo Mortensen takes place, who decides to undertake the career of actor and return to the USA. Once back in the United States, he enrolled in the Warren Robertson's Theater Workshop and began collaborating on some theater shows. After that he moved to Los Angeles where he began to get the first appearances in the television field. His first part obtained in the film world was in the film "Witness – The witness" in 1985. However, the beginning of his career as an actor was not easy, since the actor was rejected at some auditions. He also starred in some scenes of Woody Allen's film "The Purple Rose of Cairo", which were however cut during editing. He also starred in some rather trashy fiction like "Miami Vice" and "Waiting for Tomorrow".

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