Vintage and second hand clothing apps and sites: buying used is good for the planet (and for your pockets!)

Vintage and second hand clothing apps and sites: buying used is good for the planet (and for your pockets!)

Here is a list of apps and sites to sell and buy vintage and second-hand clothes: buying used is a truly green gesture!

Buying vintage or second hand is a very simple way to safeguard the planet. Why? Because we are not introducing new goods into the environment, but rather, we are extending the life of goods that already exist and which would otherwise end up in landfills, thus feeding the volume of waste.

The advice I always give, when it comes to clothing and sustainable fashion, is this: before buying the new one, try to see if you find that same garment in the vintage and second hand market. In addition to doing good to the planet, you will also do it to your pockets!

In fact, vintage and second hand garments have much lower costs than you might think, with the exception of luxury or highly sought-after items, and really allow you to create a sustainable, unique and very affordable wardrobe.

Second hand and vintage apps and sites

Apps and sites to buy and sell second hand


Zalando has just launched the pre owned section, so even on one of the largest clothing sales portals it will now be possible to buy used clothing, obviously in excellent condition, always with the safeguards and guarantees of Zalando in terms of returns and shipments.


Former Green Wardrobe, Greenchic is a system whereby used clothes are sold against a credit in stars that can then be used to buy other second hand garments with the addition of a few euros.


Very practical app that allows you to sell and buy used clothes and that allows you to receive a cash payment, to be spent always within the app or to be transferred to your personal account.


Site for the sale of second hand garments, mainly from fast fashion brands, therefore always fresh and following fashion trends.

Apps and sites for buying and selling vintage

Farfetch pre owned

Farfetch is a high-end and luxury fashion platform, which has a pre-owned section, where used or vintage luxury items are sold.

Vestiaire Collective

Site (with its app) that allows you to sell and buy luxury and vintage items, even second hand. Fast and intuitive, it has a huge choice of articles.


Site (also with its app) that allows you to buy and sell second hand garments, including vintage goodies. To keep in mind.

Humana Vintage

A reality born as a humanitarian association to support development projects in the South of the world and awareness-raising actions also in Italy, it is now a site where you can buy vintage garments from the 60s to the 90s, at really low prices.

Second hand and vintage apps and sites

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