Vintage Reloaded

The past that returns

There are times when it is better to look back to find new inspiration. In fashion, design and music the watchword of the moment is re-edition: a return to the past to look at the future. It will be the recession that makes us find refuge in tradition, it will be the lack of ideas or a sudden attack of nostalgia that has hit the marketing offices of the planet, but the result is that even the Invicta backpacks are back! Who would have ever thought of seeing the famous stripes on the shoulders of teenagers and especially those in their forties with some regrets? But it's not just the fabulous 80s that are being rediscovered, the phenomenon is much broader: we go from the Repetto dancers that are raging from seasons, identical to those worn by BB in Dio created the female in 1956, to the Abba rampant mania with seventy paws and flowers everywhere. And then the Fred Perry celebrating 100 years of the brand and the great style of K-way to shelter from summer storms. The concept is simple: rummage in the archives and re-propose, after dusting, a glory of the past. See Rayban's Operation Wayfarer, which recycles the same frame every 30 years, becoming more and more fashionable.

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