Vip guests at fashion week, Cristina Parodi, presenter

Vip guests at fashion week, Cristina Parodi, presenter

VIPs at the Milano Moda Donna fashion shows, from Parodi to Suzi Mendez

With fashion week, Milan returns for a few days a nostalgic Milan to drink. And the streets come alive, the traffic goes crazy a little and the celebrities reappear in the city, from politicians to industrialists, from TV stars to elegant and representative aristocrats to the most famous stars of the song of the moment, all flock to the event.

Among the most beautiful and fascinating guests of the Milanese days, Alena Seredova and Natalia Bush – in the parterre of John Richmond and Trussardi – but also Francesca Senette, Filippa Lagerback the fashion journalist Suzy Menkes. Among the boys, the Aldo Montano floret and Fedez, Roberto Formigoni and Francesco Testi.

There are those who attend the fashion shows – Salma Hayek and Anne Wintour from Gucci – and those who participate in the most glamorous events like Lapo Elkann or Marta Marzotto, there are those who prefer shopping in the quadrilateral like the fashion blogger and style icon Eleonora Carisi .

Then there are the guests of honor, from Byblos there is the Cristina Chiabotto and the Parodi from Max Mara, super photographed Guè Pequeno, son of the journalist Massimo Fini, with the striking girlfriend Natalia Bush. From Blumarine the most television sisters, Cristina and Benedetta Parodi. Among the most admired for their look the presenter Tessa Gelisio, the actress Laura Torrisi and the dancer Rossella Brescia.

There was no lack of appointment with the Emma Brown fashion shows, among the most awaited and admired.

But that's not all, we are waiting for news and events in the coming days.

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