Virginia Mihajlovic pregnant, the announcement and the tears of father Sinisa

Virginia Mihajlovic

The daughter of the Bologna coach announced the pregnancy with a video on Instagram with the reactions of her partner and family

An announcement full of emotion, is the one shared by Virginia Mihajlovic, daughter of the Bologna coach and former football champion Sinisa.

In fact, with a long video on Instagram she revealed that she is pregnant, in the images you can see the reactions of the family to the good news. The first to receive the news was the future father Alessandro Vogliacco, defender of Pordenone, who opened a box with a painting inside that reads "Let our most beautiful journey begin", accompanied by the pregnancy test, a body for newborn baby and a pacifier.

Following the future grandfather Sinisa Mihajlovic, who first appeared incredulous and then deeply moved, so much so that he let himself go to emotion and tears. The technician in fact, opening a box with a jumpsuit inside, first asks a few questions and then adds: “I feel like crying”. Great emotion for the whole family who received the surprise with a series of small announcements full of emotion from everyone.

The words shared by Virginia, the second of the five children Sinisa Miha had with his wife Arianna Rapaccioni, are also profound: "As I write these words, and about this video for the umpteenth time, I am covered with chills, the most magical shivers ever experienced on my skin – he wrote -. Because I still struggle to believe it. Because I still haven't quite realized that the biggest dream we had, from the first day together, is now a reality. But I have always known that it would have been you, my love, the father of my children. We wanted you with all our soul and I can't even describe how much joy we feel in telling you today that we will become mom and dad. You are so tiny in me, but you are so big in our hearts. Our life since you've been here couldn't have been more wonderful than this. We are waiting for you as the most immense surprises of life expect ”.

Apparently, therefore, the couple is expecting a baby girl who should be born in November as Sinisa Mihajlovic read when opening her surprise package. Virginia took part in the Island of the Famous in 2019 together with her sister Viktorija, on Instagram she has a very popular profile in which she shares shots related to work and private life.

And through the social network he wanted to announce that he is pregnant.

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