Virginia Raggi "private": biography and private life

Virginia Raggi, the newly elected pentastella mayor of the capital, is preparing to settle in the Capitol: professional and private life between consent and controversy

Thirty-seven years old, lawyer, splendid reassuring but authoritative smile, Virginia Raggi, the newly elected mayor of Rome, was able to win, within a few months, the consent of former voters of both sides and also of some VIPs, thus allowing the Five Stars conquering Monte Capitolino, one of the greatest achievements of the Movement so far. But who is the woman on whose shoulders the heavy expectations of the Romans rest?

Virginia Raggi carries out the profession of lawyer in the field of copyright and intellectual property, concentrating in particular on IT law, in which she has several publications, so much so that she deserves the appointment of Cultore della materia at the University of Rome " Foro Italico "in 2007. Joining the Movement in 2011, he brought his experience as a contact in the Solidarity Purchase Groups into political activity, promoting the creation of various projects (from the collection of waste oils to the construction of composters) and encouraging cooperation with associations already active in the area, in the direction of environmental and social sustainability. Since 2013 she has been a municipal councilor dedicating herself, in particular, to school and environmental issues.

It is known of her private life that she is the mother of a seven-year-old boy named Matteo, who was with her husband Andrea Severini, a radio director from whom she separated two years ago. Also active in the Movement, the latter became the protagonist of a nice social curtain, publishing on his blog, immediately after the count, a letter destined for his wife: very sweet and dense phrases of emotion, such as "Your eyes speak", "I will never stop thanking you," words that by the fierce commentators of the network were judged melense and childish.

But the grillini are accustomed to being surrounded by skepticism and criticisms such as those, which were much more serious than had rained on Virgina Raggi during the period in which her candidacy for mayor of the capital was warming up: she had, in fact, been accused of having failed to insert in his curriculum a collaboration with the studio of Previti, a loyal Berlusconi. The answer was not long in coming and Raggi admitted that she had spent three years of forensic practice at the Previti studio only because it was the one with whom her professor of computer law collaborated, who had offered her to work for him, and not to have included the collaboration in the CV because this had not lasted beyond the years of the internship.
The answer evidently convinced the Roman voters that they hope to have elected a mayor capable of making people forget the last few years not really happy for the city.

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