Virginia Raggi, sensational gaffe: wrong condolences to the member of the Jewish community

Rays attacks journalists: he wants privacy for his son

The new mayor of Rome makes mistakes and condolences the relatives of a living person, confusing him with a member of the Jewish community

The official apology tweet from the Municipality of Rome

Yet another gaffe for Virginia Raggi. After the conspicuous delay with which she joined the national mourning for the dead of the earthquake, 292 people including numerous Roman citizens and the controversy over the absence of the first victims of the Roman victims, the fool this time concerns the Jewish community.

The spokesman Il Tempo, who on the front page, reports the blunder of the 5-star mayor of Rome, arrived on the occasion of the death of Septimius Piattelli, one of the last witnesses of the Shoah, who died on Saturday at the age of 95. and member of the Jewish community in the capital. But for him no homage from the Municipality of Rome.

To point out the tremendous oversight is Carla Di Veroli, former councilor in the 11th Town Hall. Two days after Piattelli’s death, the press release arrives, sent and subsequently circulated also to the agencies, with which the mayor expresses his closeness and that of all Rome to his family and loved ones. Not only that, but the tweet of the official Rome account also arrives.

And this is where the Rays and the Capital slip. In fact, a photo of another person was posted with the condolence message. This response to the name of Adriano Ossicini, almost the same age, and friend of the poor Piattelli but still alive. Figure that in Roman town halls should also be known. It was Ossicini himself, who during the Nazi raids, as a doctor of the Fatebenefratelli, diagnosed many Roman Jews with K disease, a very contagious and invented pathology of a healthy plant, which kept the SS away from warding off deportations and saving many lives.

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