Virginia Raggi's Spaniard is impeccable. Like English

Not only English, the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, also speaks Spanish perfectly and shows this in this video

Source: Youtube

Not only English, Virginia Raggi also speaks Spanish very well. The mayor of Rome has shown it in these hours when she was a guest of the World Forum against urban violence. The conference was held in Madrid and Rays took the stage to give a long speech. The first citizen of the Capital did not request the help of interpreters, but decided to speak herself showing off a Spanish to say the least perfect. Once again the Rays has known how to surprise everyone and on social media, comments (and appreciations) are wasted on its impeccable pronunciation and its mastery of languages.

Some time ago the policy of the Five Star Movement had shown that it could speak English perfectly, during an interview with CBS. "It's crazy, it's madness, it's ridiculous – he said during the debate with the journalist of the American network talking about Matteo Renzi and the Referendum – Democracy is the right of citizens to choose their representatives. Renzi does not want to change the country, he just wants more power to do what he wants, maybe all the laws he wants without having a great opposition in Parliament ".

At the time, more than his words, it was the quick and confident way of speaking in English that affected the public, the result of years of study and great training. Apparently, however, the Rays did not only study the languages ​​of the Anglo-Saxon countries, but also the Spanish and perhaps only waited for the right opportunity to show it to everyone.

"In Rome, as happens here in Madrid – the mayor explained in his perfect Spanish – we are asking for the collaboration of citizens to make government choices through online consultations".

Before joining politics, Virginia Raggi was a lawyer in the field of copyright and intellectual property, working mainly on IT law. It was precisely in this field that he made several publications so as to obtain the appointment of Cultor of the subject at the University of Rome in 2007.

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