Virginia Rays stressed on holiday in South Tyrol: controversy breaks out

Virginia Rays stressed on holiday in South Tyrol: controversy breaks out

The mayor of Rome leaves the city to rest for a few days on the ski slopes. An uproar broke out in the capital and she justified herself in this way

All Virginia Raggi's looks: from the sheath dress to the trench coat

To govern a city like Rome is not easy. Virginia Raggi is realizing it on her skin, in the literal sense of the terms, since even her health is put at risk. Since becoming mayor last June, she has lost her smile, lost weight and on February 24th was seized by an illness that forced her to be hospitalized immediately at the San Filippo Neri hospital in Rome, even though the evening was already at work. The situation is so stressful that a vacation is necessary, in fact the doctors have prescribed a rest period. To replace it in the capital is the deputy mayor Luca Bergamo.

La Raggi chose to go to the Siusi plateau in South Tyrol with her son and ex-husband, Andrea Severini. The mayor showed up on the track with purple ski suit and sunglasses and attended a ski course with little Matteo. Rome's first citizen has been staying in Fié since last Sunday in a three-star hotel with swimming pool and traditional hay baths and plans to stay there until Saturday. He will therefore not be able to participate in the extraordinary Council on the Rome stadium scheduled for Thursday 23rd.

An absence of a week that triggered a real ruckus that Raggi tried to curb with a post on Facebook where it was justified like this:

I will be out of town for a few days of rest with my family. I listened to the words of the doctors who had prescribed me to disconnect a little after seven months of work without a break.

And to the controversy he replies in an annoyed and exasperated tone:

I didn't think we could go that far but I saw that some stolen photos are already out that portray me and my son on the road. They are used by someone to make controversy. But this is not political. It is profiteering. Politics means dealing with issues that interest everyone, not the life of a person and his family.

Oppositions think otherwise. Fabrizio Ghera leader Fdi in Campidoglio states:

The photos that are making the rounds of the web, between social media and information sites, leave no room for misunderstanding. Raggi furbetta makes slalom on the extraordinary Board and slides the session on the junta's estate set for tomorrow. Other than a rest period, in a ski suit in the Alps is the portrait of a mayor who escapes from the city and runs away from responsibility.

Stefano Esposito, Senator Dem, increases the dose:

Are holidays a right? Do you think I didn't ask my wife to take a trip with my children on the bridges? I can't, since I have been in Parliament I go on vacation only fifteen days, when the Senate closes. You have decided to have a skiing week when prices are lower. I remember how much she and her colleagues said when Marino had gone on vacation in August. I presume you took a skiing holiday this time to save money, I don't see any other reasons. Did the doctors suggest you stop? If I went to my doctor, whom I hadn't seen for a while, he would put me on a loan for over-stress.

Even the people of the Net are divided on the choice of the Rays. There are those who defend and support it:

They no longer know what to invent, they are going crazy; but be strong Virginia Raggi, of the strength we all give you. You are writing a page of history, of Rome and Italy …

And who instead does not conceive that the mayor of Rome takes his vacation:

But what rest? Are we joking? At the end of the week the heads of state and government from all over Europe will be in Rome for the celebration of the Treaties, and is this going on vacation to make its own business? What kind of mayor is that?

The controversy continues.

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