Vitamin D and C: foods to strengthen the immune system

Vitamin D and C: foods to strengthen the immune system

Among the richest sources it is possible to mention acerola and elderberry juice

Attention to the efficiency of the immune system is one of the crucial aspects to consider when dealing with one's own health. Nutrition is decisive in this regard. In fact, there are several nutrients that help the human body to optimize defenses against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

As highlighted by Dr. Federica De Santi, naturopath, the contribution of vitamin C is particularly relevant to pursuing the aforementioned objective. Among the richest sources it is possible to mention acerola juice, characterized by a dose of ascorbic acid 50 times higher than what we can find in oranges.

When it comes to the nutrients that play a central role in improving the efficiency of the immune system, it is also necessary to mention vitamin D. Also called the sun's vitamin – our body at its best when the body is exposed to natural light – is a precious ally of both the innate and adaptive immune responses. In the latter case, the involvement of T lymphocytes is strong, leukocytes that destroy the cells infected by microbes.

To better assimilate vitamin D, it is essential to associate its intake with that of vitamin K (or naphthoquinone). Also not to be overlooked is the intake of vitamin E and magnesium, a mineral that can prove decisive for preventing mood swings.

Going back for a moment to the importance of vitamin C and its sources, we remind you that Dr. De Santi particularly recommends elderberry juice. Its liquid form makes nutrient assimilation particularly easy (the same advantage can be appreciated with acerola juice).

Getting into the benefits of elderberry, we remember that it is a real natural anti-inflammatory. Able to act positively on the fluidity of bronchial secretions, it can prove to be a crucial ally of the well-being of the respiratory tract.

A real trump card when it comes to foods useful for the good functioning of the immune system is Goji. Its berries are characterized by the presence of vitamin C and vitamin E, very important natural aids when aiming to improve the immune system, and that of various minerals beneficial for health. We conclude by remembering that, before introducing these foods into your diet, you should seek advice from your doctor.

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