Vladimir Luxuria: “Francesca Pascale suffered for Berlusconi. Now he is happy "

Vladimir Luxuria: “Francesca Pascale suffered for Berlusconi. Now he is happy "

After the farewell to Silvio Berlusconi and the photos with Paola Turci, Vladimir Luxuria reveals how Francesca Pascale is

Vladimir Luxuria tells of Francesca Pascale's suffering for the farewell to Silvio Berlusconi and the new bond with Paola Turci. The 35-year-old has lived a long love affair with the Knight, which began in 2012, after the farewell to his wife Veronica Lario and ended last March when the politician came out with Marta Fascina, his new partner.

Luxuria and Pascale have known each other since 2014 and are very close friends, so much so that Francesca has often confided in Vladimir, telling her about her pains of love. "We have always felt – explained the columnist -. Sometimes on a video call to talk about clothes, bags and shoes. Or of loving sorrows. Like when Francesca found out she had been planted. She had already noticed it, but Berlusconi initially denied, denied, misled. Then the first stolen photos came out – he added -. When they broke up, Francesca suffered a lot, she was angry, disappointed. Everyone always thought she was with him only for money, but she really loved him and she didn't care about the age difference. Therefore she felt betrayed ”.

A few days ago Francesca was immortalized in the company of Paola Turci during a sailing holiday. "I feel happy, I hope that chatter does not ruin a relationship that has just begun – said Luxuria -. I know that Paola was very upset by the photos of the kiss… that the service was not agreed upon, they were really paparazzi ”.

If Pascale seems serene with the singer, Berlusconi was paparazzi in Sardinia in the company of Marta Fascina. A Forza Italia press release announced the end of the relationship between the politician and Pascale. "A relationship of affection and true and deep friendship continues to exist between President Silvio Berlusconi and Mrs. Francesca Pascale – explained the press release -, but there is no romantic or couple relationship between them".

"I am amazed – she replied to Adnkronos -. The only thing I can say is that I will always want infinite good to my president. I wish the president all the happiness in the world. And I hope he can find someone who takes care of him like I did with him ”.

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