Volunteering improves your life and that of others

Volunteering improves your life and that of others

It extends life and eliminates the risk of depression and anxiety, another reason to be selfless

Receiving good deeds makes everyone feel good, but being selfless also benefits one's own person. Who is altruistic, in fact, lives better and to confirm it have been health experts who have shown how volunteering is good for our body, as it takes away the risk of depression and anxiety, increases well-being and also seems to lengthen life.

According to some scholars, thanks to the neuroimmunoendocrine system, the benefits that volunteering has on the mind would seem to have repercussions throughout the body. Moving around and not leading a sedentary lifestyle makes you lose weight and lower cholesterol.

This is not a miracle cure but just simple volunteering. Doing good and caring for others is good for our health. Scientists studying cardiovascular epidemiology at Harvard and the purpose of people in life, such as researcher Eric Kim, have focused on how altruism affects cholesterol, obesity and cardiac structure.

In a study carried out in Canada, it was found that high school kids who participated in the after-school volunteer program lost weight and improved cholesterol profiles unlike those who did not volunteer.

Dedicating oneself to others is a way to be better in the body, but also in the spirit. Those who volunteer are more satisfied with their person. At Washington University in St. Louis, some adults have undertaken a mentoring program with children in which depression, memory and endurance skills have been shown to improve. According to Dr. Kim these improvements would be due precisely to the effects of having a purpose (and a sense) in life.

Continuing to study the benefits of altruism, it also emerged that those who volunteer take more care of themselves and make health-related decisions, unlike those who do not. In fact, many Americans have requested more flu shots and specific tests during the volunteer period, such as Pap smears, mammography and cholesterol tests.

Volunteering is not just a gesture of love towards one's neighbor but also one's own person. A more than valid reason to give our generosity, without drowning it in indifference, and helping others. Without expecting anything.

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