Vulvodinia: no tight jeans and goodbye to the bike

Vulvodinia: no tight jeans and goodbye to the bike

A painful and difficult to diagnose syndrome, three alarm symptoms

No tight jeans, impossible to use internal sanitary pads, cross your legs, ride a bike or just sit in the same position for a long time. These are some of the daily actions off limits for all those women who suffer from vulvodynia. A problem that has always affected female genitalia, but which has only recently been considered a real disease. Often branded as an imaginary evil, vulvodynia is characterized by intense and chronic pain in the vulva. A painful syndrome that is difficult to diagnose, as the gynecologists themselves point out, since this disease is not accompanied by visible signs (the pain is generally near the entrance to the vagina, but the external genitalia appear healthy and free of injuries). A detail that often causes its signs to be mistaken for those of vaginitis and / or cystitis.

At least three symptoms to be brought to the attention of your doctor and thus find out if you are suffering from vulvodynia, a disease first mentioned in the gynecological literature in 1880. First of all the ailments range from burning to the sensation of a pinprick. A nuisance that can affect the entire vulva or only a part of it and whose intensity can also vary during the same day. In addition, the sensation of pain must have been present for at least three to six months, there must be no itching and outside the sexual organs must not present lesions.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, to keep pain under control and improve the effectiveness of treatments, it will be enough to adopt a few simple rules. The following are those suggested by the Aiv (Italian Vulvodynia Association): wear white and strictly cotton underwear, avoid tight pants, use delicate intimate detergents and no more than twice a day, urinate often, have regular intestinal activity, use only cotton sanitary pads, avoid panty liners, do not play sports that involve prolonged and excessive rubbing of the vulvar region (bicycle, riding, exercise bike) and, finally, after sexual intercourse, apply a cold cloth on the part or make a bidet with cold water.

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