Waistline, cellulite and excess fluids: beauty treatments


from Ilaria Perrotta

The summer has begun and anxiety rises for many of us. Ok, another year of pandemic and less active life did not help us: the accumulation of adiposity on the waist, cellulite and excess fluids are common enemies. But now we don’t want to instigate an insane battle of fury and frustration. First of all let’s accept ourselves as we are and then, without stress, let’s develop a plan of remise en forme.

After all, the (mortifying) time has passed when we believed that only granite top models had the right to exhibit the body. Today even celebs on social media show stretch marks, orange peel and a relaxed belly. The question is all here: the mind is the first part to train. Because, in order to be lighter, the attack program starts from the head.

The treatments change according to the time

Although for many the Achilles heel of beauty is body care, insert the dermoroutine in the beauty plan, on the other hand, it is the secret weapon to immediately fill up with beneficial effects. Explains Rita Lancellottifounder of Giovi, a brand of body products: «La bodycare it is a way to pamper yourself, detach from anxieties and problems and allow yourself a regenerating break. To give well-being not only to the body, but also to the spirit, a specific, essential but effective mini bodycare routine must be inserted daily, to feel the best in your skin right away “.

In this, they can help us latest generation creams, more and more performing, which manage to convey a special feeling after we get out of the shower. By massaging the critical areas every day with the gestures stolen from the spa therapists, even more optimal results are obtained if the circadian rhythms are observed.

«The skin of the body experiences a continuous cell turnover and it is very important to give it the specific cosmetic active at the right time. Upon awakening, our body has finished cell replication, so we can use cosmetics that drain, exfoliate and hydrate such as scrubs, shower oils and creams to be applied with centripetal movements to facilitate detoxification and stimulation of hydration.

In the evening, however, serums are needed that nourish and regenerate the epidermal tissue, while nourishing products are needed to hydrate the skin, to be applied after the serum “, advises Dr. Andrea Righettipharmacist and cosmetologist, naturopath expert in chrononutrition and chronocosmetics.

What cellulite are you from?

We do not want to declare war on cellulite but, if we care about aesthetics and health, we must try to reduce it. Its appearance is also the side effect of a sedentary lifestyle, hormonal imbalances and a diet rich in salt. In short, to feel good inside and out, you need to keep it at bay.

To the drink lots of water which favors the elimination of toxins, sports and healthy eating, we combine treatments to be done at home or in the institute (such as bandages, the must have of the moment). «Cellulite affects up to 80% of women already from pubertal age. It is essential recognize the type and the stage of evolution to be able to apply the most functional massage. In fact, it can be edematous, edematous-fibrous, fibrous, adipose or mixed “, underlines Annalisa Gramelliniowner of the World of Beauty brand and President of DSA (Day Spa Association) Europe from 2004 to 2011.

«For the edematous form it is the lymphatic drainage the technique that reduces swelling and improves the circulation of the lymphatic system, favoring the elimination of waste and a better return of venous circulation, to be carried out with essential oils of star anise, fennel or mountain tea. For edematous-fibrous and fibrous imperfections associated with overweight, the most effective massage combines drainage and connective massage, which support the release of tissues and the shaping of the treated areas, with benefit on metabolism, improvement of muscle compactness and skin tone. I recommend that you prepare the skin first by dry brushing. To treat adipose cellulite, nothing is better than cuppingpreceded by dry brushing and specific synergies ».

According to the type of cellulite, watery, adipose and fibrous, LPG has also developed a new protocol of body treatments that reactivate dormant cellular activity through 100% natural mechanical stimulation that reduces volumes, improves the quality of the skin and harmonizes the curves.

The benefits of technology

Let’s not forget that it is necessary to maintain the results obtained with treatments and constant home care because, based on female physiology, cellulite tends to reform itself. If the goal is remodeling, it is better to put on the agenda, in addition to massages, sessions of targeted technologies.

Specify the doctor Antonella Parlangelidermatologist: «Better to start with sessions of carboxytherapy with multiple benefits: reactivated micro-circulation, oxygenated tissues, reduced edema, improved skin tone and increased production of elastin and collagen. After seven appointments, you need to undergo a microwave treatment. After a week, then, it is better to book both again at a distance of twenty days from each other. Finally, another cycle of carboxytherapy sessions every 48 hours. Finally, to finish the job, I recommend Endolift, the non plus ultra for skin rejuvenation: it allows you to tone and dissolve any deposits of subcutaneous fat. The effect is that of a non-surgical facelift ».

The evolution of body shaping

Among the best treatments to sculpt the total body, there is Endosphères Therapy, 100% made in Italy, non-invasive and without side effects, which can be carried out from the legs and buttocks to the abdomen, from the arms to the back and breasts and up to where it is effective for improving structural and tissue sagging caused by the advancement of the age, menopause, a sedentary lifestyle and inadequate physical activity, toning the relaxed muscles. Good news even for the laziest ones: with the new evolution of beauty center machinery, for each session in a few minutes you lose the same calories as three / four visits to the gym. Remember these names: Vacum fit and Vacum step.

«It is a treadmill and a step with a special capsule which, by wrapping the lower part of the body, makes you perform aerobic physical activity and burn fat. In just one half-hour session, you lose weight and reshape your body », he explains Tweety Marra, founder and general manager of the Beauty Queen wellness clinic in Naples. “The 4.0 frontier of training, then, is the Hyper Human muscle electrostimulation technical suit that allows you to train 350 muscles at the same time: in just 20 minutes you get the results of about two hours in the gym”. Ready to enjoy (very soon) the beach, relaxing?



Of the line Body Vitality from Dibi Milan there is the cream scrub rich in probiotics: it removes devitalized cells and makes the skin more receptive to subsequent treatments (€ 34, dibimilano.com).


With the Cold Effect Anti-Cellulite Spray de L’Erbolario, you can see immediately better. Based on green coffee, escin, pink pepper and menthol, it has an immediate remodeling effect (€ 29.90, erbolario.com).


Via abdomen and round hips with Belly Lift from Leocremathe specific cream that reshapes the waistline (€ 7.15, leocrema.net).


To be used twice a day for at least a month Slim Shape Cream from World of Beauty: in 6-8 hours it deeply releases a concentrate of caffeine with a lipolytic action (€ 64, worldofbeauty.com).


Professional treatment to do at home for 5 weeks, Cryo-taping Anti-cellulite system intensive from Collistar combines the action of the slimming patches with the anti-cellulite efficacy of the cold gel (€ 65, collistar.it).


Its plus is a unique regenerating active, that white caviar extract that allows the skin to remain intact and elastic. Body cream Simply Young from Stem Age (€ 45, stemage.it).


The Sérum Intensif Anti-Cellulite from LPG it is the most resistant booster against cellulite and the accumulation of liquids because it has a high concentration of the latest generation of natural active ingredients (€ 78, endermologie.com).


With a fast-absorbing texture, the Reducing Biphasic Fluid from Becos is a fast and easy to use slimming treatment (€ 47, becos.it).


Hydrating Body Emulsion from Giovi is a pomegranate bio-liquefied emulsion, an excellent antioxidant, which deeply redensifies the skin and makes it appear regenerated (€ 28, giovilife.com).


After two weeks, more compact and thin legs and arms with the …