Walking to lose weight and stay fit: Federica Fontana's advice

The presenter is the godmother of exception of the Walking Day on 29 October: a day of health and sport that extends life

Walking is good, there are no particular contraindications and it is practicable at any age. It is an easy way to stay in shape, also suitable for those who do not have time or desire to attend gyms or have no way of taking the commitment to take a course. Each of us should set ourselves the goal of taking a walk a day, it would improve our health and help us lose weight.

There are several scientific studies that recognize the benefits of walking, from strengthening the muscles to improving lung ventilation, from regulating the metabolism to reducing the incidence of tumors. Taking 5,000 steps per day (about 3 km) even helps to extend life. And the real secret to losing weight is to do a moderate and constant workout: characteristics that we find in walking, taken as a sport with Fitwalking.

Just to underline the importance that walking has for health, Milan hosts the second edition of the Walking Day on 29 October at Piazza del Cannone, a day dedicated to all those who, regardless of age, are interested in health, well-being and healthy sports, as well as regaining possession of the city and its places.

The exceptional godmother of the Walking Day is Federica Fontana. Model, host and above all runner, with her blog "RunFedeRun" she is the spokesperson for a healthy lifestyle, dedicated to sport and healthy eating. Mother of two, Federica Fontana at 40 years old has an enviable physique. We asked her to give us some tips to start practicing Fitwalking and regain physical fitness (without great sacrifices).

Conductor, model and also athlete: where does your passion for running come from?
I started running to get back in shape earlier, after my 2 pregnancies! And then the passion remained!

On October 29th she will be the godmother of the Walking Day 2017: can you explain what it is and what it means for you to play this role?
It's a nice responsibility! I will have to infect more people to spend a day together under the banner of movement … a very pleasant walk together that will bring all families together!

Fitwalking is a discipline that is spreading more and more in Italy: what are its characteristics and to whom is it more suitable?
It is truly transversal! It brings together adults, adults and children … in a word, all families

Can you give some advice to those who want to approach Fitwalking or running after 40?
It's easy and so satisfying, just have a comfortable pair of shoes, have a friend to accompany you (but not necessarily!) And some free time.

In 2013 he founded the blog "RunFedeRun" where he promotes a healthy lifestyle, what advice does he give to women who want to keep fit?
Moving is very important but you must also pay attention to nutrition.

And to mothers, who often don't have much time to devote to themselves?
You must find it, or you can start practicing Fitwalking with your strollers, if done regularly without ever stopping and for at least an hour, it gives excellent results.

Do you have two beautiful children, Noah and Sofia, do you have any advice to live pregnancy serenely?
I still remember my wonderful walks in the countryside, and I think walking is one of the fundamental things to do until the day of birth.

Between professional commitments and family, how do you always have so much energy: can you reveal your secret to Tipsforwomens's readers?
Move, eat well and always smile!

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