Wall trends summer 2022: everything you need to know about it

Between summer 2022 wall trends there are several that can be indicated, even if the most followed one concerns the category of wallpapers. In this regard, in fact, several suggestions can be mentioned, so as to be able to obtain special decorations, full of originality.

Among the most followed ideas, for example, are those that involve the use of papers with a dark background, but there are those who opt for others with warm and particular shades, such as that of coral.

Wall trends summer 2022: which are the most followed

Among the trends for summer 2022 walls there are several that can be mentioned. Among the most followed is that of opting for a type of trendy wallpaper and numerous details can be indicated in this regard. First of all, the main trend is to follow the style of the 70s, also because this year, and in particular for the summer season, there is a real appeal, a sort of nostalgia towards the aesthetics that concerns that period.

However, there are also ideas that focus on the 60s and the 80s, but to a much lesser extent.

Another important and detailed discussion is the one concerning the wallpaper colors. Among them, you should choose the ones that have one dark backgroundeven better if it is the same shade as the blackberries.

Among other colors, white is always in fashion, perfect especially if designs in pink, light blue shades or in any case have a certain vivacity in the shades appear on the wallpaper.

Color cards are also added to the list coralperfect to recall the cheerfulness and the sparkling and carefree character of the summer season.

However, there is no shortage of people who for the summer aim to choose paints or wallpapers that have cold colors, such as the peacock blue or even the red Red Bay. However, for those who want to overdo it and have original walls, you can also make your choice fall on elements that have silvery or even golden shades.

It would also seem that for the summer months there is a tendency to opt even to prefer the insertion of wallpaper on some walls only, not on all those that are present in a room. The same can be said if you prefer painting over wallpaper installation, although this second alternative represents the most popular option. In addition to these aspects, we can also indicate others regarding the major trends that exist regarding the 2022 walls and their decoration suitable for the “summer” period.

Drawings on wallpaper and other trends

Certain designs on wallpapers, such as those they recall, are also on trend exotic motifs and floral. As for the former, this choice can be explained by thinking about travel and distant nations to visit. For this reason, parrots can appear on the paper, but also other birds or even particular animals, perhaps even belonging to mythology. To stay even more on topic with the summer season, there are those who prefer to stick to a classic idea that recalls the surface of the sea waves and that perhaps depicts species of fish.

In addition, the aforementioned rich elements of flowers. Although the latter are more reminiscent of the spring season, in reality those richer in colors can also make you think of summer.

If these are the trends suitable above all for design wallpapers, in reality another is to leave the wall free, or rather, to put the wallpaper on only a few points, but avoid paintings or other types of decorations. In this way, even the furniture will seem fresher, lighter, there will be a feeling of greater freedom and above all the gaze will be able to concentrate more on the chosen solutions, whether they are part of the wallpapers, or if they belong to the paints. As we have seen, however, the latter do not represent a real “fashion” for summer decorations for 2022 walls, also because the greatest trend focuses on the choice of wallpapers that mainly concern the 70s. In fact, there are not a few people who have already adopted solutions of this type.