Wanda Nara and Icardi, holidays dedicated to family and nature

Wanda Nara and Icardi, holidays dedicated to family and nature

The couple decided to spend the Christmas holidays with their family in contact with nature: the photos of the campsite on Instagram

Wanda Nara and Icardi, photos of the camping holiday on Instagram

A different Christmas for Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, in the name of family and a return to simplicity and the joy of small things. The couple decided to get away from everything and everyone, to forget about the pandemic and vaccines and to take refuge in a remote corner of the world, on a campsite in Argentina.

Together with them and their five children also Wanda Nara's mother and sister Zaira with her partner and two children, all gathered together for a Christmas and a New Year certainly unusual, but equally happy.

On Instagram, the showgirl and the football player shared several shots that portray them struggling with braziers, camping kitchens and long horseback rides, in portraits that almost seem like scenes taken from “A house on the prairie”.

"Discovering the incredible landscapes of Argentina, the most beautiful country", writes Wanda in one of the shots.

A real bubble, which allowed the family to get together and spend the holidays together while in complete isolation, a way to overcome the limitations imposed by the pandemic and to equally experience the party atmosphere and let the little ones have fun. Wanda Nara and Icardi flew to Argentina with their two children, Francesca and Isabella, and the three children she had with Maxi Lopez, Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto. Then there are Zaira, Wanda's sister, with her partner Jacob Von Plessen and their two sons, Viggo and Mailaka. Finally, the showgirl's mom, Nora.

"Nature and family, these are my favorite holidays", reads one of the photos of the showgirl, who does not forget to say love phrases for her Maurito too: "I love these moments with you", she adds in a shot that he portrays them together.

For Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi these days away from everything also want to be a way to recharge the batteries and leave behind any controversy. The showgirl, in fact, has just returned from the long-distance dispute with Luciana Littizzetto for her nude photos on horseback (a topic on which Elisabetta Canalis also expressed herself); the player has returned from a rather complicated year: injured his knee, he had to leave his starting position in Paris Saint-Germain, with coach Tuchel who recently continued to prefer another striker. Now the club has changed coaches and who knows that even for Icardi it is not a new beginning. For sure, after this holiday, the couple will face 2021 with a certain determination.

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